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Microsoft Taking Care of Masses through a New Skype Version

While the entire technology industry is busy catering costly demands of the elite, Microsoft decided to come up with something that is for everyone! Skype is the most popular and widely used video and conference-calling platform in the world. From casual everyday talks to professional meetings are executed via Skype and almost every other smartphone have Skype installed.

A major problem that Microsoft realized was that Skype lost its speed and performance when it is run on a low-end budget phone or an older phone with Android 4 or 5. Observations revealed that in less developed parts of the world, a majority of people are unable to keep up with the pace of upgradation due to lack of resources.

For this reason, Microsoft introduced a new version of Skype that works perfectly fine on lower-end phones. Continue reading Microsoft Taking Care of Masses through a New Skype Version


Nokia Making a Comeback Yet Again at MWC 2018

Nokia’s story is an interesting one in the world of mobile phones. From a peak time to suddenly vanishing from markets and now taking off again, Nokia is committed to serving customers who have always been loyal to the brand as well as the new potential markets.

Mobile World Congress has been a crucial platform for Nokia to make important announcements and reveal their new phones. Starting from Nokia 3, 5 and 6 last year and making a surprise entry in the world of mobile phones, MWC 2018 seems to be the boosting point for Nokia due to exceptionally amazing phones revealed. Let us see what they are offering this time! Continue reading Nokia Making a Comeback Yet Again at MWC 2018


Which Amazon Echo is appropriate for you?

There was a time when we used to appreciate an operating system’s personal assistant services. It comes as no surprise to observe the way these personal assistants have evolved in gadgets and their accuracy in identifying voices today.

A great example is that of Amazon’s Echo with Alexa as their personal assistant! Breaking the limits of operating within your phone, Alexa can now work on household commands once programmed that way.

Owners of Amazon Echo need to set up the commands initially after which commands like “Alexa, switch of the lights” are obeyed by the personal assistant. Given the fact that six Echo products are available in the market with Echo 3 expected to arrive by the end of this year, here is a short review of each to help you find the best one for yourself: Continue reading Which Amazon Echo is appropriate for you?


Is reverting back to old Snapchat version a good idea?

The apps are meant to be updated after some time to introduce a new, improved experience for the users. The recent Snapchat update, however, does not seem to improve the experience of many users.

The new interface has been termed as complicated and unattractive even by some reputable personnel. For this reason, tech-savvy individuals tried coming up with a solution to revert back to the older version and succeeded! But should you really avoid the update?

An app update usually consists of bug fixes and security patches that are essential for safety purposes and smooth experience. So, following are the major reasons why you should accept and get used to the new Snapchat update: Continue reading Is reverting back to old Snapchat version a good idea?


3 reasons why you need a dynamic website

With changing trends in technology and consumer preferences, static web pages are no longer attractive to consumers regardless of how useful and informative the content within it is. This is because today’s consumers are attracted towards variety which sounds like a concept exactly opposite to static web pages. Even though a lot of websites have not yet “gone dynamic”, they would eventually have to for three major reasons: Continue reading 3 reasons why you need a dynamic website


Logo Design Trends for 2018

A well-designed and thoughtful logo of a company can lead to successful marketing campaigns and sales strategies. The logo defines a business to a great extent and it remains one of the most important determinants of whether or not customers would want to consume their products. However, there is no ideal logo design as customer tastes and preferences tend to change with time, and so do the logo design trends!

While the rules of simplicity, uniqueness and colorful will always remain, there are certain changes in design trends from last year that businesses must incorporate in their logos in order to keep up with the industrial pace. Who would want to consume products of an outdated brand anyway? Continue reading Logo Design Trends for 2018


Samsung Unveils the Limited-Edition Galaxy Note 8 for 2018 Winter Olympics

We all know that the 2018 Winter Olympics is just around the corner. And, just like the last season, Samsung has yet again made sure that it has something to stay in the spotlight. This time, the tech company has announced a limited-edition Galaxy Note 8 styled after the event. Continue reading Samsung Unveils the Limited-Edition Galaxy Note 8 for 2018 Winter Olympics


Top Web Design Trends to Look for in 2018

Alright, it is that time of the year again when you should start refreshing your web design approach in accordance with the trends that are going to be impactful. Because in this age of digitalization, this is the only way to make your brand’s online presence shine. Continue reading Top Web Design Trends to Look for in 2018


First Power-At-A-Distance Wireless Charging System Has Been Approved By FCC

Right now, it is quite legit to argue that wireless charging is not really wireless because you still need to place your device physically on top of a charging mat to fuel it up. But, it seems that things are likely to be changed from now on, as FCC has recently given approval for the first power-at-a-distance wireless charging system, which is an innovation of Energous. Continue reading First Power-At-A-Distance Wireless Charging System Has Been Approved By FCC

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