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Instagram Updates – Now You Can Use Filters & Masks in Live Video Too

Can you just imagine Instagram without its amazing filters? Of course, no. And, why would you? But unfortunately, till now, you have not been able to make the most out of its filters in the live streaming feature, right?

Well, the gigantic photo sharing platform has published a blog post in which it reveals that the face filters are available for live videos as well. Not only this, Instagram has also added a super-cool virtual sunglass as a filter to make you look more dapper, but it will only be live for the next week.

The excitement doesn’t end here as users will be allowed to tap on the glasses to make others believe that they are at a ravishing location.

The feature has started rolling out to Instagram users all around the world, so you will get to see it soon on your account too.


Google’s Pixel 2 Arriving on October 4th – Promises Better Camera & Battery Life

Google has finally revealed the launch date of its much-awaited flagship smartphone: the Google Pixel 2.

Yes, the company has announced that the new version of Pixel will be unveiled on 4th of October, a year after the successors Pixel and Pixel XL came out.

As per the new YouTube video, the search giant hasn’t revealed anything about the device so far, but has made some big promises to offer an improved battery life, memory storage and camera in Pixel 2.

All this has been exemplified in a video that shows a search with a user asking questions related to phone’s battery, storage and camera problems. He even asks why his device is extremely slow and fragile. And, this is why, Google has plans to resolve such issues with the new Pixel smartphones.

Furthermore, Google Assistant is also going to be an integral feature of the Pixel phones, whereas it is, once again, expected to be manufactured by HTC. On the other hand, a 6-inch follow-up to the Pixel XL is all set to be launched by next month. However, it will reportedly be manufactured by LG.

Both of the new versions will be comprised of the latest Android 8.0 Oreo, which is yet to be rolled out officially for the users.


Spire Studio Has Got Everything to Be Your DIY Recording Studio

We all know that recording even a little music requires top-notch technology, which never comes off easily. You definitely need to have a good amount of money to live up to your dreams. But, iZotope, an audio company, has a different plan for you. The company is already known for its top-quality recording gear and software, but this time, it has an intent to solve your problem with just a gadget called Spire Studio.

Yes, this cylindrical shaped hardware has inputs for instruments and microphones that connect the device to the editing app on your smartphone. Apart from this, Spire Studio has a rechargeable battery that, according to the company, can last for four hours. And, that means you can have plenty of time to record anywhere.

Let’s talk about its features.

Spire Studio has a built-in mic, two pre-amped inputs and audio effects to give your recording process a fine touch of professionalism. The recording pod is specifically designed to fit in your backpack so that you can take it wherever you want. And if your bandmates have their own Spire too, you can send your songs to them for recording the remaining part.

For professional musicians who like to have quick access to things, the Spire Studio is just a go-to option for them, whereas for beginners, this device is a perfect solution to learn the art of recording in an easy way.


Just Like Facebook, WhatsApp Added Colorful Text Status Update

Today is all about WhatsApp because the messaging app has rolled out status updates that will let you write whatever in your mind on a colorful image background. Well, it all started as a simple text-only feature, later it allowed users to add photos and videos. Now, users have the ability to choose fonts and background colors. Moreover, they can even add links to their status to show something specific.

This is what a spokesperson has to say about it:

“Now you never have to worry about getting the word out to all your family and friends. Whether you’re looking for vacation recommendations or notifying a group about the address for a party, the text-based status feature allows you to update your contacts in a fun and personal way.”

So now, a user has three options to add excitement and creativity to his status. He can go with emojis to accentuate a certain feeling, and with background colors and amazing font options, he can give an absolutely eye-catching look to the status update.


Google Makes Contacts App Available for All Android Phones

Apart from technical reasons, there is one big thing that gave Pixel and Nexus a slight edge over other competing smartphones – a complete access to all of the latest perks (services) from Google. And, Google Contacts was certainly one of those apps. But, wait! Things seem to be changing now as Google has made Contacts app available for all Android phones.

Sounds cool, right?

For those who don’t have clear understanding of what Contacts really is: It is a Google’s app that manages all your contacts. The app was previously accessible on Pixel, Android, Nexus and Google Play Edition phones, but now anyone having Android Lollipop 5 or above can make the most of it.

Contacts is extremely useful for people having multiple Google accounts and looking for a platform that can allow them to access all contacts easily from one channel.

So, if you have been utilizing third-party apps because you don’t have a Pixel, Nexus or Android One, don’t worry. From now on, Contacts will work perfectly on your Android phone as well.


Gmail for iOS Gets Serious About Phishing Links

As we all know that a couple of month ago, Google got extremely serious about phishing links, and in result it introduced an “anti-phishing feature” for Gmail on Android. It had to be done because of a widespread attack that affected millions of users.

Now it’s been official that Google is going to take the same precautionary steps for Gmail on iOS.  Most probably after fifteen days or so, the feature will be activated.

So, if you are an iOS user, you will receive a warning message with pop up when you click on any suspicious link. The reason behind this warning is to let you know that the URL you are trying to access will take you to a malicious site. However, even after getting notified, if you still want to open the link, Google will load another warning that the website you are trying to visit has been marked as a fake.

The approach Google has adopted against phishing links is pretty commendable, and will make sure that you stay away from such websites and resources.


Google Reportedly Competing with Snapchat by Building Similar Style News System

We all are very aware of the fact that Snapchat’s discover mode is a splendid way for brands to create interesting visual stories that get spread out across 158 million daily users. A couple of days ago, a report by The Wall Street Journal revealed that Google is now working on a quite similar feature, named “Stamp”.  It’s been reported that publishers including CNN, the Washington Post, VOX Media and Time have some serious plans to participate.

More possibilities for the feature to live beneath the search bar, whereas Android users are already provided with the list of recommended websites and news stories.

According to the report, Google is developing this feature around its AMP webpage tech. As this way, the stories, whatever form they are in, would load quickly without any clutter.

This is what one of Google’s Spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal: “Ever since the beginning of AMP we’ve constantly collaborated with publishers, and are working on many new features.”

Well, it certainly makes a lot of sense as news delivery is turning out to be a pivotal part of social media. And technically, Google has a lot of advantage over Snapchat because it can elevate stories to search results, whereas Snapchat’s discover posts are restricted into the app itself.


Dota 2 Is Not Going to Be So Overwhelming to Newcomers

Dota 2 has decided to be a little merciful with newcomers by making changes in its initial stages, which is going be a very highlighted factor during and after The International 2017, the game’s world championship that begins next week.

Of course, there are some helpful players, but MOBAs are quite negatively known for experts who are literally aggressive with players having less awareness of the game. This is what Valves wants to fix. And to do this, it is introducing a Dota 2 update that will match newcomers with players who have high behavior score. This, according to Valve, will eventually lessen the chance of a newcomer getting scolded by the experts.

Valve said it is crucial that new players have a remarkable social experience when they are first entering into the arena, and this adjustment will not only pair new players with others by skill level, but also by the behavior of opponents.

Although these alterations are not big changes, but still they can surely play an integral role in maintaining Dota 2’s momentum.


Apple Gets Green Signal to Test 5G Wireless Technology

The FCC has given green signal to Apple to start testing its 5G technology, and that certainly adds the company in the list of those who are already working towards making 5G available to the masses. T-Mobile is expected to launch its 5G technology in 2020, whereas Sprint is going way head as it has plans to launch the technology in 2019. Moreover, Verizon and AT&T are also looking extremely serious to join their competitors.

Apple has always been optimistic to make an impact by improving the efficiency and quality of internet, therefore the company applied for the license in May. While doing this, Apple revealed some of the details about the plan and what objectives it holds.

Well practically, the approach is pretty sensible because it will provide immense technical data relevant to make necessary alterations within the technology before the launch.

As far as the tests are concerned, they will take place at two different locations in Silicon Valley, one in Milpitas and the other one close to Apple HQ in Cupertino. And according to the company, testing will be completed within the time period of one year.


Razer is Reportedly Building a Phone for Gamers

Who doesn’t know Razer? After all it’s one of the best companies that creates high-end devices for gamers. From desktops and laptops to power banks and even projection systems, every device that Razer creates is aimed at game enthusiasts.

During the start of this year, the company also acquired NextBit and its cloud phone called the Robin. And according to Bloomberg, this acquisition is going to come up with something bigger as Razer is planning to build a smartphone specifically for gamers.

With such news, a lot of questions are left unanswered, and the first one is, whether the gaming smartphone will be launched under the BextBit or Razer brand. Also, whether the company will be able to make it worthwhile.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Razer is hopeful to make its (IPO) in Hong Kong this coming October with a valuation of $5 billion. It seems that the company is quite optimistic to expand its horizon in the gaming industry beyond hardware.

Well, we will have to wait for a couple of months more to get appropriate insights into what’s cooking.