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Whatsapp desktop version

Whatsapp Finally Releases Desktop App for Windows and Mac Users

Whatsapp, the world’s most popular instant messaging app has finally released its desktop version for Windows and Mac users a couple of days ago.

Facebook-owned instant messaging service announced that it wants to entertain desktop users in the best possible way through the desktop version of their app.

And for business professionals, this new app is a great opportunity to get connected with clients and colleagues all the time.

You don’t need to do anything outside the box to use this app on your computer screen because it will get installed just like all other normal desktop applications.

The desktop version is virtually similar to its web version. All you need to do is scan a QR code from your smartphone to get access to all your chats and Whatsapp history. Sounds great, right?

Steps You Should Take to Get Whatsapp for Desktop:

whatsapp releases desktop app for Windows and Mac users


  • Go to this link to download the Whatsapp app for your respective operating system.
  • Once it gets installed, open it.
  • A QR code will be visible to you. Now, open the app on your phone, go to settings and click on ‘Whatsapp Web’.
  • Simply scan the QR code with your phone.

Make sure you have an uninterrupted internet connection to complete the entire process smoothly.

Don’t Go Camping around Stores This Black Friday without Checking out Google’s Findings

The annual shopping frenzy of Black Friday is upon us. The day fills us with the mix feelings of excitement and worry. Excited because of the best deals ever, and worried because of the most crowded day of the year.

So, if you’re feeling more worried than excited due to thought of throwing yourself into an insane number of crowds all going for the same deals as you, don’t worry. This black Friday, Google, the Search Engine giant, has got you all covered.

In its latest blog “Think with Google”, Google has prepared for you an ultimate survival plan (an infographics) on how you can easily avoid the overwhelming crowd and find the best time to hit the stores.

The anonymized data presented in the form of an infographic was collected last year on Black Friday. The data was collected from the device of users who turned on History Location while shopping. Well, the result is something every Black Friday shopper needs to see.

According to the findings, morning is the ideal time to hit the stores on Black Friday, and afternoon should be avoided. The data has hampered the wrongly-held belief of people who has always thought that afternoon is the best time for shopping.

As you can see on the image below that the traffic at almost all the retailing stores peaks at around 2pm to 4pm and starts declining from 6pm and on words.

Image Courtesy of:
Image Courtesy of:

The huge traffic pattern and timing isn’t the startling data that Google has unveiled through its infographics. Perhaps, the most surprising finding it has presented is that Black Friday isn’t the only gigantic shopping day of the year. In fact, Christmas Eve is the day when hundreds of people flock to discount stores for Christmas gifts.

Lastly, Google has also predicted in the report that this year almost 82% of the users will check the price tags on their mobiles while purchasing in stores.

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Bubble Messaging – The Newest Addition to Facebook’s Feature-Rich Inventory

Image Courtesy of:
Image Courtesy of:

When you can’t acquire someone, you can just imitate it and present something close to it as your own. Well, it is what Facebook apparently aiming for, after failing to acquire SnapChat in 2013.

It is now official that Facebook is experimenting with its own ephemeral, aka bubble, messaging feature, and the first one that will be bestowed upon by this new feature is France. Hourra to you, France!

The feature is available in both Andoird and iOS, and works pretty much like SnapChat. The messages will be gone, vanish, poof after 60 minutes, which I believe is enough to convey any sensitive information without worrying about anyone spying on it later.

In an official statement to NBC News, Facebook shared “Starting today, we’re conducting a small test in France of a feature that allows people to send messages that disappear an hour after they’re sent.” “Disappearing messages gives people another fun option to choose from when they communicate on Messenger”, the company added.

The bubble messaging feature can be activated via tapping the glass-hour icon on the upper tab, before sending the message. The feature can be activated or deactivated by anyone in the chat group.

For Facebook, it’s a pretty bold yet highly decisive step. It is because if the feature gets the traction that FB is desperately expecting, it’d bring the company head to head with SnapChat that rules dominantly in the realm of ephemeral messaging.

In fact, since the last time SnapChat declined Facebook’s $3 Billion takeover offer, it has gained a gigantic amount of users, with 200 million monthly users.

Regardless, the testing is still on-going in France these days, and hopefully the feature will be rolled out in the coming months or so.

The Cat is Out of the Bag – Facebook Finally Unveils Its “Dislike” Button

Facebook “Dislike” button is perhaps the most awaited feature of the decade. Luckily, the never-ending wait is finally over as the dislike book has been finally revealed a few days ago.

However, it is not like the usual dislike button some users would expect, unless they have been closely following the updates. To add more engagement to conversations and, perhaps, more transparency to users’ reactions to a post, Facebook has integrated into emoji-based buttons that it calls “reactions”. The feature is added to its “Like” button and can be accessed upon hovering over it or pressing it (for mobile app).

To those who have been eagerly following the updates on the “dislike-button”, expected that something like this would happen. After all, Mark Zuckerberg gave a hint on September that the button wouldn’t be a simple “hands-down”. Zuckerberg stated while talking to Venture Beat that since “Like-button” isn’t a suitable response to posts on war, crime or death, a simple dislike isn’t different than that. Hence, it would clearly be more vulnerable to abuse.

Since Facebook always strive to improve users’ interaction experience, emoji-based buttons would suit more to users’ liking. With the new feature, users can clearly express whether they find the post amusing, sad or unpleasant. For now, Facebook has introduced only six emoticons to the Like button yet such as Love, Sad, or angry. Whether more emoticons will be added to the list or not, who knows!

The sad thing about the new feature, or more like an extension, is that it isn’t available to all the billions of Facebook users. Reactions, the emoticons, has been opened to only the users of Spain and Ireland, and the feature will more likely be tweaked and improved based on the users’ response.

Google Upping Its Game by Introducing Its Two New Adwords Products: Customer Match and Universal App Campaigns

What’s the most popular Google product that drives millions and billions of revenue to its already brimming treasury? It’s Google Adwords. According to 2015 report, Google generates over US$44.46 billion revenue through its ads marketing alone. Now, the big G is planning to kick its ads business up a notch by introducing two new advertising models: Customer Match and Universal App Campaign.

Starting with the Customer Match ad campaign, this new model will allow advertisers to upload their mailing lists to the Adwords. The Customer Match, as the name suggests, will match the list with the users who are signed-in on Gmail, Google Web Search and Youtube, ultimately showing them the intended advertises.

Take for instance a crockery store that can upload the emails of its customers to the Customer Match campaign. The next time the same customers make any relevant search, they would be shown ads from the crockery store which will then follow the users to their Gmail, Web Search and even on Youtube.

However, targeting the ads to the advertisers’ uploaded email isn’t the only thing this new model would do. Google will also allow the advertisers to use the data from the same mailing lists to find more signed-in users who, however, may not be in the list but have the same profile.

The concept behind this ad business isn’t new, unless you have never tried Facebook ad marketing before. Yes, Facebook has already been using this model for 2 to 3 years.

Another advertising model that Google added to its inventory is the Universal App Campaign, or simply the Android app advertising tool. As you may have guessed by now, this new product targets its ads to app users across Google’s app platforms like Google Play, Search as well as Youtube. However, it has not been cleared yet whether it’d function the same as the Customer Match, i.e., follow the user from his/her Gmail to Google Play or Youtube.

How to Disappear Online – A How-To-Get-Off-The-Grid Infographics for Dummies

There’s a whole commotion of cyber crimes online. However, there are many who seem to be all ignorant from it, and they remain ignorant until they find themselves in this virtual quagmire.

So, what is the point of origin of all those cyber crimes? If you believe that it is illegal access to credit card or financial info online, you may be partly right but not completely. With the rise in social media that lets users share their day in and day out activities, knowing important details about someone down to what they eat and when they sleep has become a lot easier.

Although online networks do offer some level of privacy to its users, getting past that level isn’t difficult at all. When searching for job, the employer can easily judge your personality and character by not only going through your LinkedIn but also other networks like Tweeter, Facebook, etc. Same is true in other instances such as dating, etc. Such wide online presence often becomes food for the wild hyenas that are out there to get you.

Regardless, when people find themselves stalked by creeps online they try to ward them off by deleting their accounts. Although there are many websites that can easily extract all your online information that add to your online presence and let you delete, still that isn’t enough.

But don’t you worry. Thanks to the access to a plethora of resources online, you can get off the grid with little to no efforts. Recently, has shared an infographics which is a treasure trove for people looking to wipe out their online presence for good. Sounds like you? Check out the infographics.



Mozilla’s all set To Unveil Its Long-Awaited “Electrolysis Project” & Dump Add-ons for Chrome Extensions

Mozilla Firefox is finally setting its Electrolysis project in motion that was adjourned in 2011 after starting in 2009, however, later resumed two years back. Not only that but it has also decided to ditch its popular add-ons for more universal, chrome web extensions.

Mozilla Firefox always enjoyed immense popularity and preference of users around the world, until Google introduced its Chrome browser. Due to the speed and efficiency offered by Chrome, users’ preference diverted from Firefox quite significantly.

The leading problems of such divergence were lack of stability and lack of add-on computability across browsers. However, with the changes Mozilla bringing to Firefox will make up to those lacking and make browsing even more secure and faster than ever.

Electrolysis Project to put in simple terms is the newfound ability of Firefox that lets it use multiple processes.

The governing factor that makes Chrome faster than Firefox is its multi-process functioning that lets it shift the processing load among multiple tabs. However, “Firefox has always used a single process”, says Bill Mccloskey in a blog. However, the Electrolysis Project utilizes separate OS processes to run the Web Content.

With Electrolysis, both the UI and browser tabs will be separated to ensure security, stability and more efficiency.

The second big decision of Mozilla will be to integrate blink-compatible API, WebExtentions, to its browser to Support Chrome (and other browser’s) extensions.

Mozilla stated in its blog post, “We would like add-on development to be more like Web development: the same code should run in multiple browsers according to behavior set by standards, with comprehensive documentation available from multiple vendors.”

The new WebExtentions will be compatible across browsers and available on Mozilla’s add-on store. Currently, WebExtentions are available for a test drive on Mozilla’s Developers Edition and will soon be available on-default Firefox 43. Moreover, all the future add-ons will be signed by Mozilla before they are launched for use.

The WebExtentions will be quite beneficial for the developers as they would no longer need to make separate extensions for multiple browsers but tweak the same extension to make it run easily on not only Firefox but other browsers as well.

Other than the Electrolysis and WebExtensions, Mozilla also announced a few more updates and fixes as its future projects. More information on those updates can be found on its official blog.

Crowd-sourcing Fiverr or Fever?

Fiver anything for 5 dollars

These days its all about crowd-sourcing and how beneficial it gets when people use services like kick-starter to fund their campaigns or when they can easily hire graphic designers and programmers through odesk and elance.

One such player in the crowd sourcing marketplace is Fiverr. Its unique model is to sell all services starting from $5 whcih can vary from branding to fake reviews and testimonials. So, the next question that pops in your mind is that how-come services like logo design, programming and some more comprehensive jobs like professional translation can be done for such a small price. To get answer on all those keep reading.

1) Unlike odesk and elance where service providers can pass and complete tests to verify their credentials there is nothing like this on fiverr, even a rookie or a kid in school can become a designer or a programmer over here. So if you expect that you’ve got a windfall by getting all the services from $5, think again, i must emphasize think many times again!

2) Now the interesting part, from the $5 you pay, you need to pay $0.5 more to fiverr for their platform and the seller gets only $4 instead of $5 as fiverr keeps $1 as commission. So in actual contractors are providing you a service for mere $4 which they get after 2 weeks time. Isn’t this amazing? I call this slavery since Walmart look so good when compared here, period!

3) In addition to this Fiverr keep minting coins while those working just do what anyone can do for mere $4. And what buyer gets in the end, YOU can decide yourself.

4) Fiverr is notorious for their rude and disrespectful customer service and famous for closing accounts without any notice. This might be because they need to play street cop more often then anyone else where everything just sell for $5. So who cares if their account get closed, trying your luck and running away isn’t too hard at all.

5) Another thing to beware of is that fiverr as per their terms can close your account without any notice, so in case if you have purchased any service from them and its still in progress you may lose your payment. The only way to get it back is through a dispute via paypal as this is the only method which they accept. The looser here again is not Fiverr but the contractor who is working for mere $4 per gig and seller who just found a treasure hunt for mere $5.5. Pity isn’t it?

So finally those who still think of Fiverr as a remarkable platform, please do check the negative review here and here. So when next time you put your feet in this domain you better know you are wasting your time for mere $5.

Is your Website Mobile Ready?

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Recently google has mentioned April 21st deadline for website owners whose website is not mobile friendly to revamp them and make them mobile ready so they move along with the growth in mobile usage landscape where it is estimated that every other google search is made on the mobile device so it is very important for your website to display well when opened on a compact mobile screen and in small resolution like cell phone or tablet.

In short your website may not rank well in search pages if your website is not mobile ready by this time. Google has also provided a web link where you can test if your website is compatible for mobile phones or not, you can check it through google webmaster tools or through this link.