Google Reportedly Competing with Snapchat by Building Similar Style News System

We all are very aware of the fact that Snapchat’s discover mode is a splendid way for brands to create interesting visual stories that get spread out across 158 million daily users. A couple of days ago, a report by The Wall Street Journal revealed that Google is now working on a quite similar feature, named “Stamp”.  It’s been reported that publishers including CNN, the Washington Post, VOX Media and Time have some serious plans to participate.

More possibilities for the feature to live beneath the search bar, whereas Android users are already provided with the list of recommended websites and news stories.

According to the report, Google is developing this feature around its AMP webpage tech. As this way, the stories, whatever form they are in, would load quickly without any clutter.

This is what one of Google’s Spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal: “Ever since the beginning of AMP we’ve constantly collaborated with publishers, and are working on many new features.”

Well, it certainly makes a lot of sense as news delivery is turning out to be a pivotal part of social media. And technically, Google has a lot of advantage over Snapchat because it can elevate stories to search results, whereas Snapchat’s discover posts are restricted into the app itself.