Netflix Deals With iQiyi to Enter the Chinese Market

Netflix dominates the world with its unparalleled streaming content. But, it seems like the journey has become a little easier after the company officially announced a deal with a Chinese firm, iQiyi, to make the streaming content available across the country.

Although Netflix is not going to get full-fledged broadcasting access, but this move will surely help the company mark its presence within the region. A Netflix vice president even said that this collaboration will eventually grow awareness about Netflix and its unique content.

The Chinese market of video content, on the other hand, is already huge and improving with some robust pace. In such circumstances, Netflix would have to face a serious competition to make its way through.

Also, it is still unclear that what content would be distributed in collaboration with iQiyo and when it would be available. So, let’s wait and see how the plan works for Netflix…


Adidas to Sell Shoes Made of Ocean Waste

Adidas is always known for producing top quality and reliable sportswear. But, this time, to honor the Earth day, Adidas has collaborated with Parley, a well-known organization that purposefully works to protect oceans from being polluted.

The good news is, Adidas is coming up with three new models to amaze customers: Ultra Boost, Ultra Boost Uncaged and Ultra Boost X. And, a total of 11 plastic bottles is used for the creation of just one pair of these eco-friendly shoes.

Previously, Adidas released an ocean plastic waste sneaker, but its production has been kept quite limited to introduce the concept. However, this time, the brand is keen to produce at least one million pairs of these shoes by the end of this year.

This is what Mathias Amm, a product category director at Adidas has to say about the latest addition, “The new addition to the Adidas x Parley collection are another step in our journey to creating one million pairs of Ultraboost from up-cycled marine plastic”.


All You Need to Know About Samsung’s Galaxy Book Windows 2-in-1

At MWC (Mobile World Conference), we have been able to see a lot of technological advancements within the smartphone industry. And, this is where Samsung also announced the Galaxy Book Windows 10 2-in-1. Well, it clearly looked like a blunt answer to Microsoft’s Surface Pro line. But, we have not been able to hear any news about Galaxy’s Book release date after that.

Although the specifications of the device seemed superb, but the audience was unclear about its availability. However, now people have a reason to know more about Galaxy Book Windows 2-in-1 because its release date is officially confirmed.

You will be able to get your hands on the LTE model from 21st of April, while the WiFi version will hit the retailers on May 21st. The LTE version basically comes in two sizes, 12-inch and 10.6 inch, therefore the price also varies quite prominently. The model with 12-inch will be available for $1, 300, whereas the one with 10.6 inch for $630.


Smart Bandages Are More Likely to Enhance the Health Tracking Process

Have you heard about smart bandages before?

Well, this is the kind of bandage that has the ability to detect how speedily a hound is healing and sends a progress report to the doctor. Yes, it is true and this incredible technology will be exposed to the market from next year according to the scientists.

Let’s talk about how it works!

The entire bandage is occupied with very tiny sensors which are tailor-made to pick blood clotting and identity infections. And, it all gets done wirelessly.

Swansea University is the origin of these data driven bandages and hoping to make its first trial by the next year.

All in all, it would turn out to be an amazing help for physicians to customize treatments based on the progress of your wound. For instance, if you are healing well, you will be provided with a solution in accordance with your condition.

Prof Marc Clement, chairman of the Institute of Life Science at Swansea said: “This is a multi-technology approach, with nanotechnology, nanoelectronics, printing and coating biochemistry all interconnecting through 5G infrastructure to allow us tomorrow and in the future to deliver health care for a wound patient that delivers better patient outcomes and better quality of life.”


From Now On, Periscope Let Everyone Enjoy 360-Degree Broadcasts

Remember the time when Periscope debuted live-360 degree broadcasting last year? Everyone was so much crazy about the feature, but unfortunately, it’s been available to only a handful of users. You know what? It changes now.

An official tweet from the company announced that anyone using the iOS app or the Producer Software can make the most of 360-Degree Broadcast feature. The company further added that if you want to experience a 360-broadcast from your android phone, you have got to install the Producer app specifically for this purpose.


From a user’s perspective, Periscope has taken a much-needed move that will certainly remove at least one of the barriers to entry and will also probably work out in an amazing way from the point of view of branding.


Customer Services on Twitter Gets Improved: Brands Can Now Use Location Data in DM

In today’s rapidly growing and impactful digital world, social media is not just about marketing. In fact, it is more about a satisfied customer experience. Therefore, Twitter wants brands to get a step closer to their respective customers with its new tool specifically launched to improve customer services.

The latest addition provides brands with an opportunity to share location data with customers and ask for it within direct messages. This move will eventually be a meaningful guide for people searching for nearby stores, hotels or any outlet. And, the feature is available through Twitter’s developer program only to partners offering customer service tools for brands.

As far as the customer engagement is concerned, this tool will certainly be a useful asset for brands as it will allow them to ask customers for their exact locations so that they can be provided with better services with more efficiency.

It is not a rocket science that people find difficult to handle. Instead, they have all the control of it. Moreover, Twitter provides you with an option to pick a place name from a list. Means, you don’t really have to be their physically.

Remember, customers have all the power to make or break any brand. With such challenge, your business can make a solid use of Twitter’s latest feature to add a more personalized feel.


Palmer Lucky: Oculus Co-Founder Leaves Facebook

Palmer Lucky, co-founder of Oculus and the man behind the Oculus Rift headset, is saying goodbye to Facebook. Following a shocking news that he had intentionally donated a huge sum of amount to a group spreading memes in support of Trump, Lucky started disappearing from the eye.

Even after becoming a controversial figure, Oculus and Facebook revealed that Lucky has been working actively with the company at that time. Moreover, this what the company has to say about Palmer Lucky:

“Palmer will be dearly missed. Palmer’s legacy extends far beyond Oculus. His inventive spirit helped kick-start the modern VR revolution and build an industry. We’re thankful for everything he did for Oculus and VR, and we wish him all the best.”


Facebook Messenger on the Roll – Adds Reactions and Mentions for Improved Group Chats

Facebook messenger is always on the roll towards improved chat experience for the users. And for this, it keeps on adding interesting features quite frequently. But this time, Facebook messenger has added two extremely major features that are certainly going to give some tough time to the competitors.

Let’s start with the first one. Reactions!

Yes, Facebook messenger now allows users to react to their friends’ messages. Be it a link, text or any other form of message, you will be able to react to it accordingly such as love, laugh, anger, surprise and thumbs etc. And once you react, a user will instantly receive notification.

The second amazing and pretty useful feature from so many perspective is Mentions. With such an addition, you will be able to mute your group chats and still receive notifications when anyone specifically @mentions you.

Both of the updates are rolling out to users from today. So, you can expect it to be visible on your messenger app in a next few days.


Amazon Added New Feature to Judge Your Daily Outfit Choices

Amazon certainly has something new to offer to its prime members. The latest version of one of the most prolific e-commerce apps has introduced a new feature called “Outfit Compare”. The feature is quite simple in its nature. All a user has to do is upload two pictures of himself in different clothes and receive a response in just a few minutes. And, that particular response will let him know which outfit looks better. Sounds cool, right?

To make Outfit Compare work well, Amazon has hired a group of stylists with massive experience in retail and the fashion industry, so that your clothes could be judged based on their colors and ongoing trends.

The company is aware of the fact that uploading images will discourage you from using the feature. Therefore, Amazon has made it clear that only the staff will be able to see the images just to make sure that privacy of the users get protected at all costs.

As far as the feature’s usability is concerned, it gives scores on a style scale. And due to the reason, a ranking system has been designed, suggesting you about which outfit works fine on you today.

Although Outfit Compare looks like an interesting feature, but what Amazon is expecting from it is still not clear. However, when Amazon has been asked to make a comment, it said that “Outfit Compare is a prime feature that aims to make the membership service something that becomes part of our members’ daily life”.


Gmail Now Allows You to Stream Video Attachments on the Desktop

Google is bringing out a little but useful change to Gmail’s desktop version today. And, if you send or receive video attachments quite frequently via Gmail, then it certainly is a great news for you. Because, from now on, you will be able to stream all videos on the page, instead of downloading them on your system’s hard drive.

The feature has been announced today and it will only be available to the desktop users. The ultimate aim of Gmail’s latest feature is to make it easier for a user to check out the content of a video attachment by utilizing the streaming preview option within the email.

Well, we truly believe that the feature can save a lot of precious time by enabling a user to decide whether or not the video attachment he received is worthy enough to download. However, Gmail still doesn’t allow you to exceed the limitation of 50MB available space, but you always have Google Drive to upload bigger files.

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