McDonald’s Has Re-Engineered Straw for Shamrock Shake

It seems that McDonald’s is keen to make a solid impact with its scrumptious Shamrock Shake. And to boost its marketing campaign, the famous restaurant chain has decided to introduce a re-engineered straw.

Yes, you have heard that right!

The straw is not something out of this world thing in terms of its design and functionality. However, it has been created with a legitimate purpose. The Shamrock Shake is a combination of chocolate milkshake with a sizzling touch of mint flavor in it. Which means, enjoying both of the flavors together is merely impossible until the shack melts down. So, to overcome this problem, a team of robotic and aerospace engineers have reinvented the straw that you can see in the image above.

It comes with four holes that surely allow you to enjoy a delectable combination of chocolate shake with minty seasoning. But unfortunately, a fewer quantity of straws will be available in the market. Therefore, McDonald’s wants you to keep visiting its website to know where and how you can get the straw.


The Delayed BeatsX Earbuds Will Hit the Global Market on February 10th

If you have desperately been waiting to buy one of the pairs of BeatsX wireless earbuds, then your time has finally arrived. Beats, on 7th of February, officially revealed  that the much awaited BeatsX earbuds will hit the global market on February 10th. But, Beats didn’t stop there as the company also made it clear by telling CNET that two more color options (grey and blue) will be available in the market shortly.

Apart from Apple devices, BeatsX earbuds are absolutely compatible with Android smartphones as well. As far as the battery life is concerned, Apple says that it can extend up to 8 hours. Moreover, by plugging the earbuds for just 5 minutes, you can avail up to two hours of listening time. Great, right?

What is more interesting about BeatsX is its flexibility that adjusts the earbuds quite comfortably around your neck. And, when you are not using them, they get attached to one another magnetically.


Outlook for iOS Heading Towards Amelioration with Add-Ins and Third Party Apps

Outlook mobile is celebrating its second birthday today. And, to treat all of its users, Microsoft has made it official that iOS users will now have add-in feature available to reduce the switching time between apps.

Outlook already has add-ins for desktop PCs. But, for smartphone users, it is definitely going to be an effective addition to save a considerable amount of time. Apps such as Evernote, Nimble, Trello and GIPHY can now be accessed on phone without leaving Outlook. Awesome, right?

You will be able to see add-ins as an icon while reading emails. With such a useful upgradation, adding any email as a project card will no more be a big issue with the help of Trello. Moreover, you can also use GIPHY add-in to make your reply more personalized with a GIF.

The fact is, majority of the add-ins are quite limited, but there is a possible sign that Microsoft has taken it very seriously by opening a gateway to third-party developers.


Lego’s New Social Platform Knows All the Tricks to be Safe and Kid-Centric

If you are a Lego fan, then you probably know how much excitement a kid feels while sharing his classic Lego-based construction work with parents, elders or just anyone. However, this digital landscape has made quite a lot of efforts by providing Lego fans with the opportunity of showing off their stuff via Reddit Communities and several other potential groups and platforms.

But, the truth is, these platforms can be devastating for younger generation that is still learning best practices of using the internet. And, keeping in view that particular aspect, Lego has built a new social network specifically for kids under the age of 13 where they will be able to share work under a safe and completely undistracted platform.

Lego Life!

Yeah, you have heard that right.

After signing up on Lego Life, kids can see what other creative minds of the same age group have come up with. That means Lego Life allows kids to connect with the group of peers having similar interest and passion.

The app has been made for both Android and iOS, whereas its Amazon Kindle Fire version is already available in the US, UK, Germany and France.


Seagate Looks Eager to Lead the Storage War with Its 16TB Drive

It seems like Seagate is almost near to achieving the goal of producing 20TB drives by 2020 because the company is in a serious mood to launch 14TB and 16TB hard drives over the next 18 months.

Till now, the capacity of Seagate’s hard drive is 10TB. According to Stephen Luczo, the company’s CEO, “A 12TB drive based on helium technology is being tested, and the feedback is positive.”

If the company is successful in making a 16TB hard drive, then it is surely going to be the largest magnetic disk ever. Also, this drive by Seagate will be a perfect data storage solution for enterprises and consumers who have to deal with a large amount of data on daily basis.


These Smart Glasses are Enough Indicators of Outpacing Bifocals

Whatever we view, our in-built lens inside the eye adjusts the focal length accordingly. But, as we get older, the lens loses its strength and ability of focusing objects with the same accuracy. And, that brings in the need for bifocals and reading glasses to improve visibility.

Same thing happened with Carlos Mastrangelo who started suffering from vision problem at his early 50s. However, Mastrangelo, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Utah, decided to solve the problem of wearing glasses on and off. That actually led him to create a pair of smart glasses.

The lenses of these smart glasses are made of glycerin. It is a thick colorless liquid surrounded by a flexible membrane in the front and back. Before experiencing the glasses for the first time, a user has to add his eyeglasses prescription into an app, which will then adjust the lenses in accordance with his specifications.

For now, the smart glasses visualize a pretty ordinary look, but they are expected to get slimmer yet stylish to draw considerable attention.


Nintendo’s Most Successful Game, Super Mario Run, is Set to Make Its Android Debut in March

Yep, you have heard that absolutely right.

Nintendo, after launching its first smartphone version of Super Mario Run on IOS in December, is set to make it available for Android users as well. And, all this will happen on March, 2017.

The news first appeared on Nintendo’s official Twitter account on 18th of Jan, which then hit the internet by storm. Well, Nintendo describes it as a “free to start” game. With this, they actually mean that the first three levels of the game could be unlocked without paying a single penny. However, you will be able to enjoy rest of the game after paying just $10.

The good news is, if you can’t wait to get your hands on the complete version of the game, you can get yourself registered to the Super Mario Run’s page on Google Play Store. This way, you will be notified when the game goes live.


Volvo Takes a Step Further by Putting Real Families in their Self-Driving Cars

Similar to many other carmakers Volvo is on its way towards testing a self-driving technology. So far, we heard about a lot of self-driving tests done by some gigantic automobile companies. All of them include a group of engineers who sit in the car for technical assurance, and they also grab data comprising of the car’s behavior to know what works well and what doesn’t.

Here in the case of Volvo, the story is slightly different as the automobile company is conducting its first self-driving test with an ordinary family, the Hains from Gothenburg, Sweden.

The reason for making Hains family a vital part of this test is quite interesting. Volvo wants ordinary people experience the self-driving test. How such people react when the car goes from manual to autonomous modes, and what sort of reaction comes out of their face while they are not taking the wheel?

Regarding the “Drive Me Project” test, this is what Henrik Green, Senior Vice President, Research and Development at Volvo group said, “We want to learn more around how people feel when they engage and disengage autonomous drive, what the handover should be like, and what sort of things they would do in the car when it’s driving them to their destination.”

Well, we will have to wait for the impact of this test. However, Volvo looks optimistic to launch its first fully autonomous vehicle somewhere around 2021.


Intel Updates Its NUC PCs with New Design, Processors and Ports

If we talk about tiny computers with appreciable specs and functionalities, Intel’s “Next Unit of Computing” (NUC) is considered to be a sensible pick. Although mini computers represent only a few segments of the desktop computing business, but every time NUC comes up with the addition of new features, they help the company reach out to its audience in an effective way.

The reason is simple: NUC PCs are affordable, powerful and extremely ideal in size. And, now they are even turning out to be better, as Intel is upgrading the design, processors and ports of its tiny seventh generation desktop CPUs.

The company is introducing five incredibly new NUC models: two with new core i3 processors, two with i5 and one with core i7 along with two case sizes, where one is designed to serve the larger version of the computer while other fits in with the shorter one.

Apart from the upgraded versions’ compactness, they also serve well when it comes to connectivity. So yes, if you prefer tiny desktop PCs, the new versions of Intel’s NUC PCs should be your choice.


New Yorkers Now Have Wi-Fi Connectivity Across All Subway Stations

If you have had the experience of traveling by train once in your life, you probably know that cell signals are usually pathetic. And that means calls, text messages or even going online become extremely difficult.

However, the city of New York had promised to its residents that all 279 subway stations would be equipped with W-Fi by the end of 2016, and guess what, they actually did it. As of New Year’s Eve, the officials have made Wi-Fi connectivity available across all subway stations.

Considering the needs of a large number of people who use subway stations every morning and evening, Wi-Fi connection is something that was required badly. With such initiative, subway riders can now use internet to make online shopping, check important emails and stay active on social media. Isn’t that great?

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