4 Best Coding Kit Gift Ideas for Kids

Today, kids are too much addicted to gadgets: messaging friends, playing games, watching their favourite videos and sharing selfies. Therefore, when it comes to giving them gifts, you have very limited options. But now the markets are full of toys that teach kids STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills and also kids love these toys. Want to know more about these toys. Check out this article:

Lego boosts creative toolbox:

This amazing STEM kit is suitable for kids ages 5-12 that teaches elementary scholars how to code. For using this toy it is not necessary for kids to read as this toolbox don’t even contain a single written word. Kids can make at least 5 different robots from this Lego toolbox.

Circuit scribe electronics kits:

If your kid has an interest in circuits then there is no better toy than this. This amazing kit starts from $30 and goes up to $99. This kit comes with detailed instructions that help you and your kid create different projects. Also with this, you can experiment and create new circuits on your own.

Wonder workshop dash:

This cute robot is a bit expensive, but it is very appealing and your kids will learn a lot of coding skills from it by following a series of challenges. It is the best toy for the kid’s age 7 – 12. This amazing toy has an excellent, friendly personality that grabs kids’ attention; it allows them to use the program in different ways. The price of this amazing toy is around $158.

LittleBits Avengers Inventor kit:

This is another most amazing kit best for kids who like to make influential, superhero gauntlet, packed with eye-catching lights, sounds and sensors. This is one of the most suitable gifts for kids age 6 – 11. This kit allows kids to make their favourite superhero character from Iron Man to Shuri and Black Panther through a cycle of different programming challenges. The price is around $84.