Which Amazon Echo is appropriate for you?

There was a time when we used to appreciate an operating system’s personal assistant services. It comes as no surprise to observe the way these personal assistants have evolved in gadgets and their accuracy in identifying voices today.

A great example is that of Amazon’s Echo with Alexa as their personal assistant! Breaking the limits of operating within your phone, Alexa can now work on household commands once programmed that way.

Owners of Amazon Echo need to set up the commands initially after which commands like “Alexa, switch of the lights” are obeyed by the personal assistant. Given the fact that six Echo products are available in the market with Echo 3 expected to arrive by the end of this year, here is a short review of each to help you find the best one for yourself:

  • Echo Dot for users with basic needs

The cheapest of all, Echo Dot can fulfill your basic needs of household commands and queries. It is highly portable and supports multi-room set-ups, perfect for everyday use.

  • Echo 2 or Echo Plus?

Both gadgets seem to serve the need for music playback. With similar abilities as Echo Dot, Echo 2 and Plus are just bigger to offer quality sound. Echo Plus, however, is somewhat extra in the sense that it has more powerful sound than the Echo 2.

  • Do you like screens?

If you are that someone who likes gadgets with screens, Echo Spot and Echo Show fulfills your need. Echo Show, however, has a larger screen that is used for video calling and streaming while Echo Spot is like Echo Dot but with a small screen too that shows lyrics and weather!

  • Want to break all barriers of technological advancements?

If yes, Amazon Echo Look is made for you! It has a camera that looks at what you are wearing and advice on which outfit looks best. It can even recommend clothes from Amazon store! It sure takes personal assistantship to another level.