Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Finally on iOS Now

Amazon launched one of its most popular services five years ago known as FreeTime Unlimited that includes a large number of TV shows and movies from Nickelodeon, Disney and PBS Kids along with thousands of books for children of ages 3-12 years. However, for four years straight, the e-commerce giant decided to limit the service to Amazon platform only after which it finally launched FreeTime Unlimited for Android as well.

One year later, the service is now finally available to iOS devices as well including iPad, iPhones, and iPods. The subscription for FreeTime Unlimited starts from $2.99 and goes up to $9.99 depending upon the plan you choose. The cheapest plan allows one user at a time to access FreeTime while the family plan allows up to four users. With this new launch, users have the option of subscribing on any platform and using it on Amazon, Android, and iOS.

Difference between the Amazon and iOS versions

While the service is now available for all major platforms, there is one notable difference that parents must be aware of. Amazon has its own feature of allowing parents to modify settings in a way that would prevent children from shutting down the app. When used on an iPad for example, Apple is not willing to give that much control to its users. Therefore, parents might have to be slightly more careful as they let their children watch shows or read books on iOS devices.

Why now?

A question that arises is that why has Amazon decided to launch this service on iOS after five years. While there are several theories on this matter, one that makes sense is that Apple has now increased its concern about parental control and iOS 12 would have new parental control features. So till Apple launches iOS 12, Amazon has time to pull users towards FreeTime Unlimited with a decent parental control system.

It also makes sense to say that given the global market share of Apple devices, Amazon might have thought that it is time to increase the number of users by making it available to iPhone, iPad and iPod users.