Alexa Empowering Amazon’s Music app

Amazon Music app might not be the best music app available on iOS and Android with Apple Music and Spotify being the competition but Alexa is not slowing down! Alexa is Amazon’s personal assistant that gained popularity with Amazon Echo. She is an artificial intelligence masterpiece and competes with Siri and Google Assistant.

Initial period of Amazon Music

Amazon Music had the tap-to-talk feature which made it the not-so-perfect choice for users considering the fact that Alexa had already won hearts through Echo. The tap-to-talk feature meant that users had to tap to wake Alexa up and then choose a song to play but that often becomes inconvenient.

In an attempt to meet user demand, Amazon has now introduced the hands-free listening that has enabled users to wake Alexa up by calling her and not by tapping. What gives Amazon Music an edge over others is the fact that it can do literally anything you want by following your voice. From playing and pausing a song to creating a playlist, changing a song and even playing songs according to the mood, genre or artist you want, Amazon Music has everything to make music a great experience for you.

Will Amazon Music lead the Music market now?

Despite the fact that hands-free listening is a great option, it is still debatable if Amazon Music will lead the market given that there are Apple Music and Spotify leading already. Apple has Siri voice feature while Spotify started testing the voice search functionality recently so this feature of Amazon might not be a highly attractive thing for the users.

Nevertheless, Amazon is not as behind these competitors as the majority would think. The number of users is growing rapidly and Amazon service recently became the third largest music subscription globally. This is because the figures of people subscribing have doubled in the last six months and with the hands-free listening feature, this is probably going to increase at a faster pace.

So Amazon Music is now seen as a threat by the music leaders who must introduce innovative inventions in order to stay in the market.