American Express teaming up with Facebook to launch Amex Bot

American Express Collaborating With Facebook to Offer Amex Bot

If you’re a true Facebook freak and also proud to be known as the loyal customer of American Express, then this can literally turn out to be an exciting news for you.

American Express has announced Amex Bot, a product that is coming out by teaming up with Facebook to offer its card members convenient and user-friendly ways to keep a check on their purchases and finances.

It’s a remarkable initiative that will allow American Express cardholders to receive real-time notifications about their finances, purchases and card benefits. The cardholders will be able to receive all such information via Facebook messenger, a commendable way towards customer satisfaction.

These messages are not just restricted to update cardholders about the nearest restaurants, but will also send them special recommendations. All in all, the aim of Amex Bot will be to serve the American Express cardholders in best possible manner.

The Amex Bot will likely to be launched in the coming months for U.S consumers, so you better get ready.