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Your Phone’s Battery May Be Draining Due To Video Ad Fraud

Have you found yourself wondering why your phone’s battery is draining? We have all been in the same boat, especially iPhone users who are always fretting over their phone’s battery. An article on Mashable revealed that a major reason for your phone’s battery being drained is video ad fraud. Continue reading Your Phone’s Battery May Be Draining Due To Video Ad Fraud

The New Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: A Powerful Phone

There is no doubt that Android phones are power packed with multiple features for the user. Tech savvy people all over the world are going crazy over the new 5G enabled Smartphone.

Samsung has unleashed the final look of the phone and customers have already started to pre-book it. It’s expected to start deliveries on 8 March. Here are a few features of the phone which we discovered, so read the article to get an idea about the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Continue reading The New Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: A Powerful Phone

4 Best Coding Kit Gift Ideas for Kids

Today, kids are too much addicted to gadgets: messaging friends, playing games, watching their favourite videos and sharing selfies. Therefore, when it comes to giving them gifts, you have very limited options. But now the markets are full of toys that teach kids STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills and also kids love these toys. Want to know more about these toys. Check out this article: Continue reading 4 Best Coding Kit Gift Ideas for Kids


Reddit’s CEO on the Move – Edited Comments that Criticized Him

Just like all other forums and communities, moderators at Reddit have the rights to ban or edit any post that doesn’t suit or fulfill the criteria. However, the CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman did something beyond the expectations.

Recently, Huffman edited the comments that were critical of him. Instead of using his Reddit username Spez, he edited it so that everything he would do gets directed at the moderators of The_Donald, a subreddit of Trump supporters.

Huffman says, “I messed with the “fuck u/spez” comments, replacing “spez” with r/the_donald mods for about an hour.”

It’s been a long week here trying to unwind the r/pizzagate stuff,” Huffman said. With this, he technically refers to the ongoing conspiracy theory that links Hillary Clinton, her campaign chairman John Podesta, a Washington DC pizza parlor, and clandestine pedophile ring.

If you think that doing edits with people’s comments or posts is injustice and disrespectful to them, then Huffman now thinks the same. He said, “Our community team is pretty pissed at me, so I most assuredly won’t do this again.”

Prolonged Sitting at Workplace with Little to No Breaks Leads to Increased Chances of Coronary Heart Disease & Stroke

Heart diseases seem to be a growing concern in today’s era. Prevalent among both men and women alike, studies show that 1 in every 4 deaths in US alone are caused by heart diseases.

So, why heart related problems are so prevalent in today’s society and to such an alarming extent? There could be a number of factors that lead to heart disease risks including factors like heredity, old age, high BP, poor diet, diabetes, and obesity to name a few.

However, recent a recent study, conducted by Professor Mika Kivimaki and many other professors, shows that there’s another factor at play that increases heart disease: excessive work with lack of breaks.

The study was conducted among 6, 03,838 men and women who initially didn’t had coronary heart disease, and 528 908 men and women who didn’t had any stroke problem.

The study shows that people working longer than 50+ hours per week are more at risk of developing both coronary heart disease and stroke than those working, the standard 30 – 40 hours/week.

The study is pretty alarming for those who rarely steps out of their 47” tall 4’ x 2’ cubicle. The reason for longer work hours could be anything from more pay, workaholism, etc. Regardless of the reasons, it is essential to take breaks from work in between to rejuvenate both mind and body for a healthy life.

It is not just the employee who should cut back from late sitting or overtimes, but it is the duty of the employers to take better care of their employees. After all, healthy employees means, productive employees.


Although research like this tends to surface every now and then with industry giants promising and even promoting a fun and healthy workplace, some tend to seem unaware of the mistreatment of their employees in their child-branches located in different countries such as Apple and Amazon.

Regardless, employees healthy should be given preference over mere marginal gains. After all, it is what we call a humane thing to do.