Facebook Brings Transparency to Their Advertisement Platforms

Internet giants are becoming more aware of privacy and consent. After the backlash Facebook received regarding the use of their platform to get personal information from their users, Facebook is determined to bring transparency to their platform. In the latest news, Facebook has announced some changes to its ads feature. They are bringing transparency to their advertisements on their platforms.

Since the recent issue of Russians purchasing ads to target 2016 election in the US, Facebook has launched new features in their platform that will let any user see advertisements that being run by any page on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and other partner platforms. This change has already been rolled out for Canadian users. Facebook is now rolling this new feature, View Ads, for users around the world.

With this change, Facebook has given users the ability to report ads that shouldn’t be active on the platforms or ads that are misleading, so Facebook can take actions against them.

Another feature Facebook has announced regarding their ads has to do with political or issue ads. This means advertisements that are related to any type of political matter is now transparent to every Facebook user. This means users can see who is running the ad, what is the cost, and the demographics of audience it is targeting. Furthermore, Facebook has made it mandatory for advertisers who are running such ads to verify their identity. This new feature was already rolled out in May for the US. Facebook now aims to roll it out in Brazil ahead of elections.

This transparency in ads could make things a little different from how businesses run ads on Facebook. This is because now companies can see information about ads being run by competitors. However, according to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, “You actually can see a lot of your competitors’ ads [already], you just have to catch them.”