Facebook Announces To Launch Its Clear History Privacy Tool Later This Year

Users on the internet want complete control of how their information is being stored and to which extent can they control their user activity. Browsers give an option to clear history which gives people the freedom to search whatever they want. The average internet user wants greater liberty to be able to restrict some information from websites. Thus, Facebook decided on a new feature for people’s security concerns.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in May 2018 that the social network is adding a new feature Clear History to its existing privacy tools.

The tool would allow users to wipe information which Facebook collects from third-party websites and apps. Zuckerberg explained further details about the tool. He went on to say that the feature is similar to clearing the cookies and history in an internet browser. Your browsing history includes any website you click on or visit. Most people had demanded this new addition to be a part of Facebook’s security tools.

It is still not made sure, as to what the tool would look like and how it would work. However, it would be a great way forward to enhance the user’s experience on the social network. But the advanced tool will come at an expense. Facebook would not be able to target ads to the people efficiently, as they will remove their browser history, leaving less appropriate data for Facebook ads and Analytics tool. So the feature will be introduced at the cost of losing some revenue by Facebook.

The announcement was made by chief financial officer David Wehner, at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference that the new feature will launch later this year. The initial mention of this tool was made in 2018 during the Cambridge Analytics data privacy scandal. However, when Wehner made the announcement recently, users saw it as a legitimate update to be made in the social network, and not something is done as a publicity stunt.