Is the Facebook Dating Service a Great Idea?

Social media has been a major source of entertainment all over the world and tech-savvy minds are constantly coming up with ideas to make apps even more addictive. Facebook, one of the most popular social media platforms, is soon launching its dating service as the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg confirms. “There are 200 million people on Facebook who list themselves as single.” This quote by Zuckerberg has been quite popular on social media recently and seems to be a major reason for why the service is being introduced.

How Will It Work?

While there are many other dating apps available, why would the Facebook dating service work? Maybe, it is the brand name that would make this service popular! Anyway, the real question is how would the service work and is it even safe for users? A dating home button would be made available where users can create their dating profile. This profile would remain hidden from Facebook friends to make it more private. The service will reveal the events that will take place near you and that you would want to attend.

Once you choose the event, the user profile is then shared with all other users who are going to that same event and you can begin a conversation with those who are of interest to you. To talk about safety, Mark Zuckerberg has taken a measure that the conversations between two individuals would be text-based only. This eliminates any possibility of misuse of visual content.

What is So Special About It? Would It Survive?

The only feature that makes Facebook dating service special is the fact that it can help people connect with users who are going to the same event. This makes dating more realistic as compared to online dating apps where meeting up is rare due to distances. This combined with the fact that it is owned by Facebook suggests that the dating service is going a long way and the response would be great in all parts of the world.

Nevertheless, let us see if Zuckerberg decides to make the service more interesting in any way. People are excited anyway!