Plumbing and Cleaning Services on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has been a popular platform for users in some parts of the world to buy and sell products. It offers a secure method to trade but it never stood out from other popular online marketplaces till it recently introduced the option to hire plumbers and house cleaners.

Facebook has been one of the most popular social media platforms for users globally and increasing options in the marketplace can boost Facebook’s revenue. A major reason of why this facility can prove to be a success for Facebook Marketplace is that it is difficult to find a secure marketplace offering such a service. Partnering with Porch, Handy and HomeAdvisor, Facebook Marketplace is able to offer a list of thousands of professionals offering these services.

How to Use the Service?

If the Marketplace is available for your country, simply check the Marketplace menu on Facebook and choose Marketplace services. Once you choose a service, you have to answer a few relevant questions before you can finally hire a professional for the job. The questions help Facebook determine which list of professionals to display based on, for example, the size of your house, time frame under which you want the work to be completed and last time when the same job was done.

The final step is to enter your ZIP code after which you see a list of professionals who are willing and able to offer you the required services. Additional features for maximum customer satisfaction is the option to chat with the professionals before hiring via Facebook Messenger and view the profile of an individual or firm providing the services. This can help users identify the capabilities of each service providers by observing the reviews and ratings on their profiles.

Is Facebook Marketplace Available in Your Country?

The marketplace is available for users in the UK, US, New Zealand and Australia and this new feature of hiring professionals just rolled out in some regions of the US. In coming weeks, the feature will be available to more regions in the US but there is no update on when this feature would become available globally.