Facebook Tests A New Live Video Shopping Feature

Shopping couldn’t get any fun and easier. Facebook recently tested its new live video shopping feature that will make convenient for the buyer to shop their favorite products without getting worried about the actual size and color of the product. The customers can take screenshots of the product they want to buy and send it to the seller directly on Facebook Messenger, who can then request them for the payment on the chat app.

Currently, the limited numbers of merchants in Thailand are getting benefit from this live feature to sell different products such as cosmetics, handbags, clothing and other fashion items. Once the buyer chooses the product, sellers would plan regular streams to display the chosen products and model them to the buyers or offer special discounts to attract the buyers.

According to Facebook, they will not add any new member right now, but most merchants are on the waitlist to take part in this live feature. Merchants in Thailand told Facebook that through this amazing feature they are now able to show their products live and customers can ask questions that are more useful than sharing pictures. According to Mayank Yadav, a Facebook product manager for Marketplace, “For us, Thailand is the most active Marketplace communities and soon we are considering launching more consumer experiences in Thailand.”

This amazing new feature is easy to use for both the merchants and the buyers, as a transmit moves rapidly and merchants shift from one good to the other. But the worst thing is that it isn’t available in any other country. Currently, Facebook won’t disclose when this feature will be available for the merchants around the world. But if they expand it worldwide it will help Facebook earn more revenue outside of its NewsFeed ads, as it sometimes runs out of space.