Are your counters really free?
Yep, they sure are. Our counters are supported by the addition of a small text advertisement on each of them. This covers our costs and allows our advertisers to reach a diverse group of new customers, while providing you with a great service, at a great price (It doesn’t get any cheaper than free!), and without a great big ugly banner ad.

Can I remove the ad? What happens if I do?
No, the ad must stay on the same page as the counter for as long as you use our service; if it’s removed or altered, we will find out (We track these things, obviously, and eventually we will see it…) and your account will be disabled without any notification from us. 100% gone… Just like that.

I don’t like ads on my site. Can I take it off?
No, the ad needs to stay with the counter, or your account will be disabled. This could be a small little notice that those that remove ads are stealing our services, or it might be a giant graphic advertising something that you wouldn’t want there. Either way, it’s much better for both of us for you to decide in advance that you will keep the small little un-intrusive text ad with the counter, or you can use another counter provider that charges you for their service. The choice is up to you!

My site is hosted on a free hosting account; can I still use a hit-counts.com counter?
As long as you have access to the source code of your pages so that you are able to place the code exactly as we provide it to you, there is no problem whatsoever with using e-zee counter on a free hosted site.

Can I use your counters for as many sites as I want?
Yes, you can and best of all its free and don’t require you to submit any personal details during signup. Just enter the start count and place the code.

Can I use hit-counts.com counter in e-mails?
ABSOLUTLY NOT!!!! Our counters are meant to be used on pages that are publicly available on the INTERNET. If we find you are using one in an e-mail (And it usually only takes about 5 minutes after the first one has been sent!), we will permanently REMOVE your account and disable all access to it.

I want to start my counter at a number other than 1. How?
It’s simple! When you sign up for a counter, we ask you for the starting number to be displayed. And that’s what we add to your account the first time that the counter is shown (On the final page of the sign up process). Pretty straight forward, but please note that once that number has been set, it is set in stone and CAN NOT be changed without starting all over again.

I want to change or reset the count on my existing counter. How?
You don’t. For security purposes, once the first number has been set for a page, it’s done and can only be changed by people actually visiting your page. Sorry!

Please note that we will not respond to contacts requesting changes be made to the number shown on a counter.