A battle within Battle Royale: Fortnite vs. PUBG

Quite recently, two names entered the world of gaming: Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, more commonly known as PUBG. Both the games lie under battle Royale game genre and are survival games with PUBG released first followed by the release of Fortnite.

Apparently, Fortnite is doing relatively better for some reason but both games are high in demand by gamers. One of the major reasons behind this could be its release on iOS and cross-platform gaming because Fortnite generated an estimated revenue of $15 million in a three-week period after the release on iOS. There are some differences in gameplay of both games so following are some details after which you can decide which of the two is in line with your preferences:

Size of the Maps:

The map you are playing on is a major determinant of your gaming experience. Maps in PUBG are relatively larger but this does not necessarily mean a better experience. Large maps mean that players have to use vehicles making them easy to be spotted by other players.

Secondly, there is some variety in PUBG because Fortnite currently offers one map with some new additional venues within that map. The developers claim that they will add more maps but not right now.

The Graphics You Prefer:

Extreme graphics can significantly improve your gaming experience and graphics are very different in both games. While PUBG offers more of a military-style real-world graphical experience, Fortnite has cartoonish graphics that many players claim to be the best feature of the game. Therefore, your preference of game totally depends upon which graphics style you prefer.

Players on the Map:

Another important thing to consider is whether you prefer fewer or more players in the game. A number of players on a map are important in this particular game genre. Fortnite is currently trending more and is also available on iOS so you will find relatively more players on it. However, the number of players varies from time to time but the fact that it will soon be available on Android as well, it seems like Fortnite will take the lead for a long time.

Feature Image Courtesy: https://www.techradar.com/