Gmail for iOS Gets Serious About Phishing Links

As we all know that a couple of month ago, Google got extremely serious about phishing links, and in result it introduced an “anti-phishing feature” for Gmail on Android. It had to be done because of a widespread attack that affected millions of users.

Now it’s been official that Google is going to take the same precautionary steps for Gmail on iOS.  Most probably after fifteen days or so, the feature will be activated.

So, if you are an iOS user, you will receive a warning message with pop up when you click on any suspicious link. The reason behind this warning is to let you know that the URL you are trying to access will take you to a malicious site. However, even after getting notified, if you still want to open the link, Google will load another warning that the website you are trying to visit has been marked as a fake.

The approach Google has adopted against phishing links is pretty commendable, and will make sure that you stay away from such websites and resources.