Google Maps New Feature Lets You Create Public Events

If you host parties or love to gather people, you would be creating your events on Facebook or sending email invites. However, your Google Maps app is not just used for searching places, but can now be used to create public events.

The feature was found out by Android Police at first, which posted that some Android users were able to see the option in their app. It can be accessed through the ‘contribute’ section, which previously existed to rate businesses and add crowdsourced information. All you have to do to create the event is to add the name, set the location, date and time. There is also an optional place for the description and category of the event.

Google has not officially launched the feature and only some users are able to see it in their app. However, Google has already set up a support section for it, which shows how to access the option.

You can add public events to Google through the following way:

  1. From your Android phone or tablet, open Google Maps
  2. Tap the Contribute tab Events Add a public event
  3. Follow the next steps

Google had announced in May 2018 that it will be making the app more socially functional. The new feature is also part of their change. So now, not only will Google maps give you directions to go to a certain place, but will also show where you should go, and what events are taking place near you. It will also be a time-specific option.

The feature is not widely available on all devices. Only some Android users can access it at the moment. However, we believe that Google will soon launch the update worldwide so that everyone can benefit from it. Android Police also reported that it took almost an hour for the event to show on the map once they had added it. The lag shows that Google still needs to work on it so that it can be a competition to Facebook, where most people create public events.