Walmart pay has arrived to your town

Great News for Shoppers! Walmart Pay Has Now Arrived in 14 More States

Walmart is moving a step forward towards customers’ satisfaction by introducing its mobile app across 14 more states of the nation.

Now what this app really is?

It’s an app that lets customers pay without any hassle.

Yes, you’ve heard it right…

With such an amazing app you will no longer have to stand in a queue to wait for your turn. All you need to download an app and pay for your purchases with just a tap of the button. Isn’t that quick and simple?

It seems like Walmart is all set to exceed the expectations of its customers through this fast payment service. It simply uses smartphone’s camera to scan a QR code at checkout, which then activates a payment in the app.

The purpose of this mobile payment app has never been to compete with other services because Walmart is not a new store in town. In fact, it’s a multinational retail corporation that has its own identity.