Hinge Will Not Require Facebook Login Now

Dating apps have been very popular in recent years and the statistics reveal that apps like Tinder and Hinge are experiencing rapid growth with respect to the number of users. While Tinder still remains the leader in dating apps market, Hinge is growing with the passage of time and the new strategy that it is introducing would mean an even higher number of users in coming years.

Problem with the current system

The current, or previous as you may say now, version of Hinge requires Facebook login from users. This means that without a Facebook account, an individual would not be able to use Hinge. The app then imports individual information from Facebook and suggests people having similar profiles and mutual friends for dating. This makes dating more realistic, unlike Tinder in which random profiles are shown and users simply swipe left or right.

A major problem that Louise Troen, Vice President of Bumble’s International Marketing and Communication, reported was that the number of Facebook users are reducing recently because of the data privacy scandal of Facebook. This resulted in a lot of requests from people all over the world to include additional login options so that such people can also enjoy the dating services.

Why is it important to meet consumer demand?

Android users will get the update on 5th June while iOS users on 12th June after which Facebook login would be an option and not required. Users will be able to login using their phone numbers as well and meeting this consumer demand is important because dating apps industry have some intense competition. Given the fact that Facebook is also introducing its dating service which is likely to gain rapid popularity due to an already-established brand name, owner of Hinge might have realized the need of removing any restrictions from the app.

It is, however, believed that Hinge would not face serious competition from Tinder and similar dating apps mainly because its purpose is not to help people date based on looks. An individual Hinge account requires answering questions that helps users know the person well. This makes online dating less creepy and random.