Honda develops first hybrid car motor

Honda Finally Develops It’s First Hybrid Car Motor Without Any Rare Earth Metals

Isn’t that great news for Honda lovers?

Honda Motor Co, Japan’s third-largest automaker has co-developed its first hybrid car motor which doesn’t use heavy rare earth metals. And, this is what will make Honda different and unique from its competitors.

The company says that its hybrid engine will certainly reduce its dependency on expensive materials supplied by China.

Instead of relying on rare earth metals, the new motor uses magnets from Daido Steel which cut approx 10 percent cost and are 8 percent lighter than the previous components.

Honda’s first hybrid engine will be launched in the compact Freed Minivan this fall. Moreover, the company also highlighted during the announcement that excluding the rare earth metal will save a great deal of amount. Also, it will open enormous chances for price fluctuation in future.

We wish a very good luck to Honda Motors for such a huge and useful initiative towards customer satisfaction.