How To Declutter Your Inbox And Unsubscribe From Junk Emails

Are you tired of unwanted emails in your inbox? Are you experiencing frustration and want to organize your mail?  Just like your house, you need to keep your account clean. You may have subscribed to various promotion materials or newsletters which are of no interest to you. We understand it is hard to take out time to sort stuff. However, you hardly need less than 15 minutes to do the task. Here’s what you can do to simplify the process.

Unsubscribe manually

If you want to kill the problem from the root, you would have to opt for this step. If there are selected types of emails which you find annoying, you can choose to unsubscribe on a case by case basis. Whichever app you are using, you can find the option to unsubscribe by clicking on the bottom of an email. It will be written in a very small font, so be sure you find it.

Sometimes the words “Change email preferences” will be written. Sometimes the option may be hidden a big chunk of terms and conditions text with a link. You will need to follow the link and the instructions to unsubscribe it. Some emails also instruct you to reply back with the subject line to request the removal of the subscription.

On Gmail

Another way to do it is through your email provider. If you are using Gmail, your emails will be filtered in different categories; social, promotion and primary tabs. These let your important emails become sorted and keep the extra ones out of your main inbox.

Do note that the option is not there for G Suite users unless their administrator has enabled the option for them. However, when your important emails go into the other boxes, the problem gets serious. And sometimes, you can even lose those important emails. Therefore, you need to clean up.

Gmail also offers an unsubscribe link at the top of most marketing emails and newsletters for desktop users. Below the subject line and next to the sender information, there should be an unsubscribe link that will mark the email as spam.