Instagram Crack Down On Fake Followers, Likes And Comments

In a blog post published on Monday Instagram said that they will soon start a crackdown on “phoney” followers, likes and comments from the accounts used by the third-party apps in order to increase popularity. According to Instagram, they will adopt different ways to maintain the authenticity of this platform and this is a great way to do this. Instagram further said that they are adopting every possible method to secure their users’ account and therefore it is necessary to limit this kind of behavior.

Instagram before starting the crackdown send a warning to the people whose account is used by these third party apps to alerting them about their fake activities and that these fake likes, followers, as well as comments, will be removed soon. Also, they warn them to change their password as soon as possible to secure their accounts from the third-party apps and if they won’t do this they will see Instagram limited access.

They in the blog post said, that they will launch a machine learning tools that will help them identify the accounts used by third-party apps to do any fake interactions. Earlier, this year, hundreds of thousands of Twitter accounts are locked due to suspicious activities.

In August 2018, Instagram announced some most useful tools that help the users know about those people who are behind Instagram’s largest accounts. Also, they introduced a verification system for public figures or famous personalities and offer their support for the use of third-party apps.