Instagram Making the App Parent-Friendly

Social media has proven to be very beneficial for individuals and businesses in many ways in terms of connecting people and staying updated with market information at all times. However, it also comes with numerous drawbacks especially for youngsters and teenagers due to which parental concern is rising for their children.

In an attempt to make one of the most popular social media platforms i.e. Instagram parent-friendly, the Chief Operating Officer announced that a Parent’s guide to Instagram is now available so parents can understand what the app is all about and take safety measures for their teenage children.

What is the Parent’s Guide to Instagram?

“Know how to talk with your teen about Instagram: A Parent’s guide” is introduced by the social media giant to disclose features like time management, comment control and reporting unwanted interactions to teach parents what Instagram is and how it works. If parents fully understand the app, they are better able to manage how their teens use it.

The guide navigates parents to various privacy options of Instagram along with information on how to block accounts for safety and filtering comments. This step by a social media giant is commendable because it demonstrates their concern for user safety.

Instagram partnerships

Apart from just introducing the guide, Instagram decided to partner up with Ana Homayoun, a social media and education expert to draft questions that parents can ask teens in order to utilize Instagram efficiently. These questions vary from some very basic ones to whether teens ever felt uncomfortable with content or not.

They also formed a partnership with organizations like National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), National PTA, National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), ConnectSafely, PFLAG and Boys and Girls Clubs of America among others.

These partnerships reveal that Instagram is taking social media threats to teens seriously and is trying to make their experience safe. They are probably trying to minimize the drawbacks of social media by involving parents who might be more experienced in life issues and may better be able to guide their children on how to take safety measures. Let us hope that other social media giants take similar steps to make social media a safe platform for teens.