Instagram Competes with Snapchat Discover and YouTube Now

The social media apps war is never-ending. Every now and then, we either see a new app dominating the global markets or an update to existing apps that gains everyone’s attention. However, if we talk about a few popular social media platforms, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and LinkedIn are some of the names we would list. Let us pick three of these: Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. What do you think does the odd one out represent?

Instagram in a nutshell

Initially, Instagram was an app for uploading pictures only. There were other features too but users mainly recognized it because it only showed pictures that their friends uploaded. With the passage of time, it kept on adding new features and while it did not have any significant competitors in the past, the Instagram story update made Snapchat a competitor of this app. Since then, Snapchat and Instagram have been competing on the stories. Instagram stories, however, are limited to a time frame of 60 seconds due to which it is only able to treat Snapchat as a competitor.

Instagram has now decided to enter a new market and introduce a feature of uploading music videos, scripted shows and other videos in 4K and vertical orientation. Sounds familiar? Yes, it can be a competition to YouTube!

How will it compete YouTube?

From a limit of the 60-second video, Instagram is likely to announce this feature on 20th of June this year. A few spectators thought that Instagram would compete Netflix and air TV shows but that is not the case here. It will allow users to upload videos ranging from five minutes to 15 minutes or more, shot with DSLR camera and under good lighting “but not some massive Hollywood movie production crew.”

YouTube is popular because it lets YouTubers earn via subscribers. Instagram has not yet confirmed its plans on this but it is likely to allow users to make money via longer videos. However, no terms and conditions have been finalized yet so users should not keep their hopes high on this.