Installation Instructions

Once the signup process is complete, you will be presented with a block of HTML that contains the counter code. In order to use the hit counter, you must have access to your own HTML code. If your website was built with a web-based editor, such as Geocities or Yahoo! sites, make sure you are editing your HTML and not just adding text to your page.

1. Once you have signed up, copy (ctrl+c, or right click and select “copy”) the counter code on the screen.

2. Open your website editor and open the page you wish to place the counter on.

3. Paste (ctrl+v, or right click and select “paste”) the code into your HTML where you wish to position the counter. The counter may appear as a broken image on your page, which is normal before the page is uploaded.

4. You may use tables or other HTML formatting tools to position the counter table on your site. However, do not alter the counter code in any way or your counter service may be jeopardized.

5. Save your page and upload it to view your counter. If you wish to choose a new counter style or reset your counter number, simply re-register and install again!