Intel Up Their Game in AI With The Acquisition of Deep Learning Startup

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will play a major role in every field, including education, government functions and businesses. This is these days every big company has started invested heavily in artificial intelligence related technologies and startups. The tech giants, like Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Apple have already made their move. Following this trend is another tech giant, Intel.

Intel is well-known for its computer processors. Their investment in artificial intelligence shouldn’t be a surprise since AI related technologies require a lot of processing power. To prepare their company for the impending AI revolution, it makes sense for Intel to start integrating AI in their business.

Intel wants to onboard more artificial intelligence technologies to their business. They have made their move by acquiring Vertex.AI, a startup with a focus on deep learning tools and technologies. The mission of this Seattle based startup is to bring deep learning to every platform. For this, they are developing PlaidML, a deep learning engine.

Back in 2016, Intel acquired a startup with the focus on computer vision chipmaking named Movidius. According to the information provided on Vertex.AI’s homepage, their startup will become a part of Intel’s Movidius unit.

According to Vertex, Intel will continue the development of PlaidML. Intel has made PlaidML open source with its repository now available over at Github. PlaidML will have Apache 2.0 license and will continue to support various hardware and will have Intel nGraph backend.

The details and terms of the acquisition of Vertex.AI by Intel have not been made public yet. There is also no information on how much funding Vertex raised in its seed funding stage. However, by looking at Intel’s interest in artificial intelligence technologies and their previous acquisitions, there is no doubt that Intel must have acquired Vertex on some lucrative terms for Vertex’s team.