Is IPhone X Worth The Money?

With the smart age of technology, our phones have become a part of our personalities. When Apple introduced the IPhoneX on 3rd November 2017, there was a lot of hype about this new device. Its starting price was $999, which was the most expensive launched iPhone ever. However, the debate is whether one should buy the latest iPhone or not?

The features

The Face ID and true depth camera are some features which are not available on any phone. The user experience of the new IPhoneX is something which customers have loved. Be it the excellent camera results, Animojis or having the fun of unlocking your phone by using your face; it’s a truly different experience in itself!

The size

For some people, the size of the iPhoneX is perfect as they can keep the phone in their pocket. It also fits in your hands easily and doesn’t appear too big. However, most customers have argued that they like their Smartphone to be bigger in size. So if you are someone who prefers a big phone, you should probably wait for the next Apple update.

The price is too high

Most people don’t like their phones to cost an arm and a leg. Those are the ones which have not yet bought the iPhoneX because it is just too expensive. These customers are aware of the advanced features of the phone, but would still not risk going ‘broke’ just for a phone. They would rather wait for the next update, where Apple will be launching a new iPhone at a cheaper price.

The older versions are not too bad

For those of you who still use their iPhone6 or iPhone6S Plus, they are satisfied with the results of the phone. The camera quality is amazing and the features are updated and still useful. Therefore, most people have still not bought a new phone, because their old phone is working just perfect.

The choice completely depends on the users about spending a whopping $999 for a phone or saving their money and putting it to better use.