Lego’s New Social Platform Knows All the Tricks to be Safe and Kid-Centric

If you are a Lego fan, then you probably know how much excitement a kid feels while sharing his classic Lego-based construction work with parents, elders or just anyone. However, this digital landscape has made quite a lot of efforts by providing Lego fans with the opportunity of showing off their stuff via Reddit Communities and several other potential groups and platforms.

But, the truth is, these platforms can be devastating for younger generation that is still learning best practices of using the internet. And, keeping in view that particular aspect, Lego has built a new social network specifically for kids under the age of 13 where they will be able to share work under a safe and completely undistracted platform.

Lego Life!

Yeah, you have heard that right.

After signing up on Lego Life, kids can see what other creative minds of the same age group have come up with. That means Lego Life allows kids to connect with the group of peers having similar interest and passion.

The app has been made for both Android and iOS, whereas its Amazon Kindle Fire version is already available in the US, UK, Germany and France.