Line Friends Character Brown Inspired Speaker By Bang & Olufsen Coming Soon

Line is a popular chat app that is available for free for Andoird and iOS mobiles. The chat app is most popular in Asian countries, especially Japan, SouthKorea, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Taiwan. The chat app has most of the features that are similar to other popular chat apps, like WhatsApp.There are a number of other features that are unique to Line chat app, including Line Pay, Line Taxi, Line Friends, and Line Game. However, what makes Line most unique and popular are the digital stickers, which are used as emoticons during chat session by users.

These digital stickers are based on popular fictional characters and celebrities. The user can also create custom stickers using Line Creators Studio. Users can purchase these digital stickers to be used in chat app. Some of the characters for the stickers are Line’s original characters. This includes one of the most popular characters and sticker, Brown, a bear with a stoic face, black eyes, tiny ears and short tail.

A few months ago, Line announced a collaboration with DJI, a Chinese technology company, to produce and market the Brown bear inspired drone. Recently, Line has announced another collaboration, this time with Bang & Olufsen, which is a Danish consumer electronic company well-known for its line of a high-definition speaker and sound system. Bang & Olufsen will be manufacturing a limited-edition line of speakers inspired by Line Friends Brown character. The speaker is actually Beoplay P2. This speaker has a sleek, leather case body, which is dust resistant. The speaker also has a 10-hour long battery life. Only 5000 units will be produced and will available to purchase by October 4th in China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and the US. A consumer can purchase it from Line’s official online store and some retail outlets.