LinkedIn’s Career Advice Feature Lets You Connect with Mentors

At every part of our professional career, we need some sort of inspiration and push to redefine ourselves for incredible growth. This is where mentors play an integral part for injecting immense motivation and help finding the right direction.

LinkedIn understands the fact, and to make sure that more than 530 million of its members are achieving their goals, it is rolling out “Career Advice” feature to all members in the US, UK, Australia and India.

This feature is definitely going to be an amazing opportunity for not only those who are interested in receiving advices, but also for the ones who want to offer their advices.  For this, you need to sign up by going to the “Career Advice hub”. Once you have signed in, you can select the type of advices you are interested to receive/give.

LinkedIn clearly stands out from other social networks, such as Facebook, to connect with others in a professional way. And to maintain the same standard, the network has introduced so many tools so that all the connections get equal space to shine.

A few words have been taken from a blog post in which Anwesha Jalan, senior product manager at LinkedIn, talks about the feature and what it holds.

“We’re also exploring ways to specify if you’d like to mentor certain communities, like people facing unique barriers to economic opportunity. When you find a match, you’ll be alerted and you can then send a message to start a conversation about the advice you need.”