Logo Design Trends for 2018

A well-designed and thoughtful logo of a company can lead to successful marketing campaigns and sales strategies. The logo defines a business to a great extent and it remains one of the most important determinants of whether or not customers would want to consume their products. However, there is no ideal logo design as customer tastes and preferences tend to change with time, and so do the logo design trends!

While the rules of simplicity, uniqueness and colorful will always remain, there are certain changes in design trends from last year that businesses must incorporate in their logos in order to keep up with the industrial pace. Who would want to consume products of an outdated brand anyway?

2017 has been the year for negative space and cropped letters. Brands were able to get some of the finest logos designed using these trends. Some great graphic designing agencies including Glow Graphics are now moving on to the trends in 2018, out of which top three are as follows:

  • Bright colors are attracting the eyes

Use of colors in a logo is possibly the most versatile trend of all. Apparently, in 2018, customers are more inclined towards bright colors. Since a logo must attract customers, you should think creatively and try to figure out what color combination to use. Seek advice from agencies you work with to get creative ideas and think of each design from the view of a customer and not an entrepreneur.

So for this year, brightness in a logo and other campaigns is your objective to achieve gains in market share!

  • Customers are paying more attention to typography than ever

Given the fact that a majority of logos use text only, how do you think they make their logos attractive? Typography, therefore, plays a crucial role in logo designs. In 2018, however, focus on this feature has increased and businesses are coming up with some of the finest typography styles in their designs.

Split, hand-written, and chaotic typographies are currently the most attractive styles that you should consider using in your logo designs.

  • Innovate using animation

In this era of digitalization, traditional static logos are dying with the passage of time. While animation has been subtly used in logos before, the trend is ever-increasing year by year. In 2018, this trend is at its peak and hence you should incorporate it in your logo before it gets too common in the markets. Over-use of animation, however, should be avoided.

With these latest trends, your logo can surely gain a lot of customers in the market this year. Just look at the design options from the eyes of a customer and you will be able to decide which design to go for.