Map Improvements on Windows 10 Will Let You See the Traffic on Your Route Home

Although Windows 10 didn’t offer anything extraordinary to its people, but due to the latest updates, the real fans of Maps app will now have something to cheer about.

With Windows 10 Maps app, you can have a look at the roads either to home or work. Not only this, you can even experience real-time traffic from recently viewed roadside cameras. But, what’s the right way to enable this feature?

It’s actually pretty easy. All you need to hit the traffic icon from the menu and you’re there. However, there is something more that makes the app’s new version even valuable.

The app will be on your directions and show you the night or day mode as per your preferences by changing its theme accordingly.

Practically, Google Maps already has most of the features, but it’s glad to see that Windows is bringing prominent technological advancements for offering real-time excitement.