4 Reasons High-End Graphic Design Agencies Will Love the Microsoft Surface Hub

Not too long ago, Microsoft introduced its Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 to the public bringing in a massive flood of consumers that require a portable tool that would empower them to take their work on the go. Although both the devices are considered as the Big Mama of all the tablets or handy touch technologies, yet they don’t offer the advanced functionality that hardcore consumers like graphic designers required.

To satisfy the high-end need of such consumers, Microsoft has unveiled a new and elite addition to its Surface-series, Surface Hub Pro—which is no doubt the “Grand Daddy” of all the touch technologies.

Available for pre-orders now and soon ready to be shipped in coming September, Microsoft Surface Hub comes in two different sizes: a head-turning 84” with 4K resolution and a mini-me 55” with 1080p Full HD resolution, and it is fully loaded with powerful features like 8 GB RAM, Core i7 processor for 84” and Core i5 process for 55”, 128 SSD, powerful GPUs, four USB ports, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 4.0, and the list goes on.

Though Microsoft Surface HUB was built with the idea of offering boardrooms with a dedicated collaboration device, its potential isn’t certainly limited to it. Believe it or not, besides team collaboration, brainstorming or online meetings, the Surface HUB can also be an immensely outstanding workstation for the “Creatives”- digital artists or graphic designers…

Here are some reasons why premium graphic design agencies would love to get their hands on Microsoft Surface Hub.

Larger Screen with Seamless Touch Sensitivity

For an average user, a screen is only a screen that displays the output of the application or tool you’re using. However for designers, screen is synonymous to a canvas. Microsoft Surface Hub’s large screen size gives enough room to designers to work on their design tools like Illustrator or 3D applications without minimizing or canceling any toolbar or added menus.

100-Touch Points Mean Better Collaboration

Surface Hub allows you to let loose the creativity of the entire group rather than a single team member. Due to its large screen plus highly-sensitive multi touch points’ display allows all the team members to collaborate on a single project simultaneously.

Next-Gen Bluetooth Makes Content Sharing Easy

When it comes to connecting different devices to a single hub, nothing can beat the added content sharing functionality of Surface Hub. With the powerful Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE), you can beam the project to all the devices in the room and vice versa. This allows a fluid and more powerful collaboration among the team.

These are just a handful of the many benefits that Microsoft Surface Hub has to offer. Now, the only question remains, “how much units will Microsoft be able to sold and whether it’ll cut back on its prices so the SMEs can also maximize its true potential?” Time will tell!