My Tamagotchi Forever is Coming to Your Smartphone in 2018

If you have been so much addicted to the Tamagotchi virtual keyrings, then you might be looking for some new exciting things to add to your list for next year. Guess what? Bandai Namco is aware of your expectations. Hence, the company has released a teaser video in which it announced that the My Tamagotchi Forever will be coming to your IOS and Android phones sooner.

The app will feature the characters in a whole new way for the new generation to go crazy over the virtual pets. As always, you will have one job, and that is to make sure that all the necessities of the Tamagotchi are getting fulfilled. For this, you can always expect to get alerted on your phone if the cute virtual pet wants your attention. And, once you stop catering to its needs, it will turn out to be a big monster.

Bandai Namco has not specified any date regarding the official launch of My Tamagotchi but we are sure to see the app available in 2018.