Arrival of New Colorful iPhones in The Market

Apple has always been a step ahead in innovation and ideas. The screen-to-body ratio of iPhone X initiated the trend after which almost every brand launched a phone with this feature at a lower price since Apple charges a premium as well. After much success of iPhone X, Apple might have thought that it is time to launch new phones to keep up with the competition and remain in business.

The new iPhone arrivals

You must remember the very popular iPhone 5c that was available in multiple colors and was the cheapest iPhone option of all. Apple is trying the strategy again with iPhone X by not only introducing grey, white, blue, red and orange colors but rumors suggest that it may also reserve the dual-camera feature for their high-end phone only.

With a price tag of about $700, 6.1-inch screen iPhone X would be a great option for people willing to buy an iPhone X but with a lower budget. The other two iPhone models are no less in terms of features and offerings. The 5.8-inch screen iPhone X is said to have better specs than the originally introduced iPhone X and that too at a lower price. Additionally, iPhone X plus might be slightly more expensive, expected to be around $1000 but has a screen of 6.5 inches. The good news is that after these phones are launched, the original iPhone X will get cheaper to buy!

Will the new color variety work?

While it is true that iPhone has always been popular in grey or black which may seem quite boring to a lot of people, these colors give iPhone a premium look. In colors like red and orange, the premium look does not remain the same and hence the target market gets smaller. Nevertheless, the market is unpredictable and consumers are eager to try new phones. Also, when the colors combine with a machine like iPhone X, it is likely to attract more consumers than usual because iPhone 5c was also sold mainly because of its color variety.

The phones are likely to launch this fall and whether the colorful range is successful or not is yet to be seen.