3D Creators Now Have Access To A Massive New Object Library

3D has been the buzz of the latest advancement in technology as it promises a world that integrates the two-dimensional images into virtual reality. Making this integration possible is no piece of cake, and it takes a good many hours for 3D creators to make some significant 3D models. This, however, is no longer an issue as 3D creators now have access to the 3D content-platform Sketchfab that has provided these creators with a new tool that helps convert your favorite 3D into virtual reality.

Sketchfab is an empowering app that not only provides you with an unlimited number of 3D content but also provides 3D creators the platform to publish, share and discover their 3D content on the web or mobile. The Sketchfab store allows its users to transact their work of art with full confidence using their 3D viewer and inspector. With an increasing number of users reaching 1.5 million, the Sketchfab store has endorsed more than two million 3D models. The community of users ranges from a mix of different artists, designers, architects, and engineers. All of these people enjoy the easy 3D tools to give their virtual reality some good effect.

The technology that is used by Sketchfab is integrated with the most advanced 3D tools and a publishing platform that helps 3D creators use their talent in the most prestigious way. Moreover, by being compatible with every web browser and VR headset, Sketchfab has allowed millions of users to share their 3D content on any social media account such as Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

This store is not only a brilliant platform where 3D creators can display the 3D images they create, but can also enjoy unlimited access to the massive new object library which has been specially designed for them. All they need to do is search for their relevant content using searches such as title, tags or categories and they will be directed to the 3D models already available in the Sketchfab store. With the increase in the use of tools such as Minecraft, Tilt Brush and 3D capture, the future of 3D content is promising a more accessible and innovative turn towards virtual reality.

Feature Image Courtesy: https://mashable.com/