Nokia Making a Comeback Yet Again at MWC 2018

Nokia’s story is an interesting one in the world of mobile phones. From a peak time to suddenly vanishing from markets and now taking off again, Nokia is committed to serving customers who have always been loyal to the brand as well as the new potential markets.

Mobile World Congress has been a crucial platform for Nokia to make important announcements and reveal their new phones. Starting from Nokia 3, 5 and 6 last year and making a surprise entry in the world of mobile phones, MWC 2018 seems to be the boosting point for Nokia due to exceptionally amazing phones revealed. Let us see what they are offering this time!

5 New Introductions

Just as Nokia introduced a new version of 3310 last year, it introduced the ‘banana phone’ this time that pretty much explains the design. This old-school phone, known as Nokia 8110, was also used in The Matrix and people are pretty excited about the new version. Next are three new Android handsets with different features than what they introduced last year. Finally, there is an Android Go phone as well.

What Differentiates Each of These Handsets?

Starting from probably the best invention of Nokia as of today, the Nokia 8 Sirocco comes with a beautiful premium look. The previous Nokia 8 specs are updated in this with 6GB and 128GB of RAM and ROM respectively and amazing dual camera as well. It might be a better choice than Galaxy S9 but brand loyalty is a key obstacle here.

For people who prefer bigger phones, they offer Nokia 7 plus with a 6-inch display in a decent budget. Nokia 6 has also been upgraded to Snapdragon 630 chipset. All the Android handsets run on Android One that makes these phones relatively faster than other competing brands. Finally, Nokia 1 has been introduced for the low budget demands with not-so-premium specs and design.

With these inventions, Nokia may attract a significant market share this year and we may see the revival soon!