Is OPPO Find X the Phone of the Future?

Mobile phone brands are in a rat-race to invent something that people have never seen before. After iPhone X, a lot of brands threw phones with a significant screen-to-body ratio in the market but OPPO Find X seems to break all record. The screen covers 93.8% of the phone which makes it number one on the list of large screen phones. What makes OPPO Find X unique are the pop-up cameras that people have witnessed for the first time ever.

How does the pop-up camera work?

For a very long time, we have seen front and rear cameras on phones where they usually are and the focus is mainly on the quality of pictures. In the case of Find X, you cannot see any camera on the phone! Is the camera also built inside the screen?

Well, the camera becomes visible when you open the camera app on your OPPO Find X Smartphone. Similarly, as you close the app, the cameras slide back down. The mechanism behind this pop-up technology is that an actuator is installed on the phone that pushes up and pulls back the cameras. Cables are attached to each side of the actuator with rails making it smoother for the camera to slide up and down.

Release date and user reaction:

OPPO Find X has been launched already but will be widely available in global markets in August according to some sources. While the design has amazed large-screen phone lovers, we cannot be sure if the users would actually like the feature. ViVO Nex consists of the same features as Find X minus the pop-up front and rear cameras both. It only has a slider front camera with about 91% of the phone covered in the screen.

If Find X sliding camera works perfectly fine for a few months, people would be excited to use the new technology. A 6.42-inch large screen would provide users with an outstanding mobile phone experience that you may fall in love with the display. Also, OPPO has introduced Snapdragon 845 for the first time in its cell phone range! So let us wait for the availability before we start making judgments about the phone.