Your Phone’s Battery May Be Draining Due To Video Ad Fraud

Have you found yourself wondering why your phone’s battery is draining? We have all been in the same boat, especially iPhone users who are always fretting over their phone’s battery. An article on Mashable revealed that a major reason for your phone’s battery being drained is video ad fraud.

In-app banner ads are being taken over by third-party fraud companies to generate illegal revenue. While we may face the issue of our batteries, app developers also suffer as they receive complaints that their apps are the ones which are causing this.

Two ad fraud labs, Protected Media and DoubleVerify discovered this. Let me explain how fraudsters gain illicit revenue. They first purchase banner space in the ad, then place auto-playing videos behind those banners. So people do not want to see these videos, but the fraud company earns from it because people are using the app and the video’s views are increasing. They make much more revenue than the banners.

At least 60 million videos were estimated to be played per month. It was known that the Israeli company Aniview was a part of the fraudsters group playing their ads on Twitter’s ad platform MoPub. Aniview had been specializing in video advertising solutions. However, they denied the allegations and blamed an unmade third-party app for the fraud.

The advertising company has taken actions to counter this problem. Twitter is also investigating this issue and finding the real culprits behind the fraud. If it finds any evidence of Aniview being involved in it, they would face major consequences as it is illegal to participate in any such activity.

Many mobile phone users are unaware of this. However, in October last year, tech companies investigated to find an increase in such occurrences of fraudulent ads. Since then, they have started to look more closely into this issue. There are many other companies which have been found to take part in video ad frauds and making money out of it. One of the companies said that all advertising agencies are doing it, and not them specifically.