Want to Talk to Pikachu? Google Home and Amazon Alexa Will Let You Do This

If you are a Pokemon fan, then you surely have a dream of talking to your favorite Pokemon in real life, no? In this case, you should definitely consider buying a Google home or Amazon Alexa device, as an app is on its way that will let you have a conversation with the iconic yellow mascot Pickachu.

The Pokemon company, on Thursday, announced that it is going launch a Pikachu Talk app for Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices in Japan this year. However, the app will hit the overseas market sometime in 2018.

The Pikachu Talk app is designed for all ages, and I personally believe that it is an amazing idea considering the fact that the character is liked by a huge number of adult fans too. But, it raises a very crucial question that how conversations with Pokemon will play out.

This is what we will probably be able to find out next year.