samsung to sell refurbished high-end phones

Samsung Will Start Selling Refurbished High-End Phones

According to Reuters, Samsung is on its way to announce an official refurbished phone program which will possibly be launched by next year. The basic aim of this program is to provide high-end phones like Galaxy S and Galaxy Note to the users who can’t afford to buy the brand new versions.

The program will most probably be hitting the market of USA and South Korea first, but it’s not yet confirmed that when will the customers start availing this incredible opportunity.

But, do you know how a refurbished phone program will certainly give some additional benefit to Samsung in terms of revenue? It’s because the company will be selling the phone twice, once as new, while the second as used. Secondly, the step will also help Samsung regain its market back which it has lost out to Chinese rivals that offer similar functionality phones in comparatively low prices.