Security Alert: Uber Now wants its Drivers to take a Selfie before the Ride

Uber, one of the most popular online transportation services is taking security measures to the next level. The company announced on Friday that it will require every driver to take a self before accepting ride requests and called this new feature, a Real-Time ID Check.

The initiative has been taken for two major reasons: First, the company wants to eradicate fraud, and secondly the step will certainly protect driver’s account from being misused.

With such a newly added feature, drivers will be asked to take a selfie before accepting any ride. And while writing a blog post about this recent update, Joe Sullivan, the chief security officer said, “If the two photos don’t match, the account is temporarily blocked while we look into the situation.”

For this, the company has teamed up with Microsoft Cognitive Services, which through its facial recognition software will verify the driver’s identity. Whereas, while speaking with USA TODAY, Joe Sullivan said, “Driver account sharing or theft is a low-frequency problem right now, but when it happens it’s a high-severity thing for use so it makes sense to put our security resources on it.”