Shift Sneakers – A Pair of Trainers That Magically Shifts Colors on a Single Tap!

Who doesn’t love sneakers…? No matter how expensive they may be, you won’t resist getting one and adding it to your already overloaded shoe rack. Well, things have been changing now as we are seeing frequent advancements that were once sporadic. Now, you don’t need different pairs of sneakers to decorate your shoe rack when you can have a single pair dominating all?

The brainchild of a creative agency, +rehabstudios, “Shift Sneakers” dawns the age of state-of-the-art trainers that can change colors with a single click of heel or tap on a smartphone. Although a conceptual design, the chameleonic technology would be packed with a high-tech reactive textile, thermochromic fibers and conductive woven threads. All these components would work like LED lights to give off select colors.

The electrical signals would allow the phase change fibers of the shoes to modify the pattern, thereby relocating the translucent material on the shoe in a way that would bend light to emit unique patterns. Plus, the membrane of the sneakers would be integrated with conductive material sensitive to human touch. This means whenever the sneakers’ heel is clicked, a random color pattern would appear.

The agency doesn’t stop there…it is intending to penetrate the boundaries even further by planning an open-source virtual app store, where users would create and upload their customized patterns and share them with the community. This means a single user would be able to access millions of patterns for a single pair.

The app store would feature a huge bunch of other packs that would serve different purposes. For instance, the “Selfie-Pack” would allow the user to change the color to a matching outfit. Likewise, a “Connection Pack” would let users copy the patterns of their friends, families and even their favorite celebrities.

If it is successfully evolved from conceptual phase to a tangible product, Shift Sneakers would bring a paradigm evolution in this industry.

Regardless, +rehabstudios isn’t the only agency churning out mind-blowing concepts. The biggest brand in the sneaker’s industry, Nike, has already dipped its hands into the tech sector when it announced its Nike MAG 2015 with power laces that brings back the nostalgic memories of Back to the Future II…