Signal Strengthens Its Privacy Measures

Data privacy is of utmost importance to people nowadays and hence encryption eventually became a crucial part of messaging apps. When it comes to encryption and data safety, Signal is the leading app currently available while others like WhatsApp also take encryption seriously.

The “Gold Standard” of end-to-end encryption

Signal has always tried to ensure that the minimum amount of data is stored behind when users send messages to each other. Its constant efforts to do so made Signal stand out from its competitors and hence it was termed as the gold standard of end-to-end encryption.

The messages sent via Signal are passed through the app’s own infrastructure due to which the privacy can be ensured. This means that most of the data is encrypted and this makes Signal an ideal app for data privacy-conscious people.

The new initiative

Continuing with its data privacy measures, Signal is now introducing a stronger encryption whereby not only the data from messages will be encrypted but the sender’s identity will also be private.

The developer of Signal, Moxie Marlinspike, believes that it is only important for the app to know where the message is to be delivered and not who is sending the message. For this reason, the new feature of Signal will encrypt the data and metadata of the sender’s identity as well so that the identity also remains private.

The feature, currently known as “sealed sender”, has one loophole that the developers are trying to overcome. To ensure safety, developers need to verify the sender in order to keep track of abusive content.

In case the Signal data security is compromised, the hacker might only be able to access the encrypted message but still, the sender’s identity will be private. Signal allows any user to send messages to anyone regardless of whether they are in their trusted contact list or not. For this reason, they have allowed users to block others and they would not be able to send messages again.

Within a few days, the beta version will be rolled out while the feature will be fully added any time in near future.