Microsoft Taking Care of Masses through a New Skype Version

While the entire technology industry is busy catering costly demands of the elite, Microsoft decided to come up with something that is for everyone! Skype is the most popular and widely used video and conference-calling platform in the world. From casual everyday talks to professional meetings are executed via Skype and almost every other smartphone have Skype installed.

A major problem that Microsoft realized was that Skype lost its speed and performance when it is run on a low-end budget phone or an older phone with Android 4 or 5. Observations revealed that in less developed parts of the world, a majority of people are unable to keep up with the pace of upgradation due to lack of resources.

For this reason, Microsoft introduced a new version of Skype that works perfectly fine on lower-end phones.

What is Microsoft Getting Out of It?

Industry tycoons are aware of the fact that consumers are more concerned about how much brands care about the needs of a majority. Catering the demands of masses that is not very profitable is an exceptionally nice gesture that consumers will admire. As a result, they will talk about it and more people will download Skype on their phones because of word of mouth.

Apart from this, Microsoft possibly realized the fact that by limiting Skype for high-end phones and latest Android update, they are missing out on a large portion of the population. The aim, for now, could be to retain as many users as possible and this is a great way to do so because almost every video calling app requires strong phone performance.

Microsoft has already faced some criticism for their Lumia phones and this could be a wise step to divert market attention to a good deed that the company executes. Let us see how successful this new version turns out to be!