These Smart Glasses are Enough Indicators of Outpacing Bifocals

Whatever we view, our in-built lens inside the eye adjusts the focal length accordingly. But, as we get older, the lens loses its strength and ability of focusing objects with the same accuracy. And, that brings in the need for bifocals and reading glasses to improve visibility.

Same thing happened with Carlos Mastrangelo who started suffering from vision problem at his early 50s. However, Mastrangelo, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Utah, decided to solve the problem of wearing glasses on and off. That actually led him to create a pair of smart glasses.

The lenses of these smart glasses are made of glycerin. It is a thick colorless liquid surrounded by a flexible membrane in the front and back. Before experiencing the glasses for the first time, a user has to add his eyeglasses prescription into an app, which will then adjust the lenses in accordance with his specifications.

For now, the smart glasses visualize a pretty ordinary look, but they are expected to get slimmer yet stylish to draw considerable attention.